Long Hair
Hunting Season: Once every year, the Deer catch human beings. They do various things which irresistibly draw men near them; each one selects a certain man. The Deer shoots the man, who is then compelled to skin it and carry its meat home and eat it. Then the deer is inside the man. He waits and hides in there, but the man doesn't know it. When enough Deer have occupied enough men, they will strike all at once. The men who don't have Deer in them will also be taken by surprise, and everything will change some. This is called "takeover from inside". Deer Trails: Deer trails run on the side hills cross country access roads dirt ruts to bone-white board house ranches, tumbled down. Waist high through manzanita, Through sticky, prickly, crackling gold dry summer grass. Deer trails lead to water, Lead sideways all ways Narrowing down to one best path – And split – And fade away to nowhere. Deer trails slide under freeways slip into cities swing back and forth in crops and orchards run up the sides of schools! Deer spoor and crisscross dusty tracks Are in the house: and coming out the walls: And deer bound through my hair. Gary Snyder