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Plays:   total: 107522   top10: 3435   alltime: 3138   fave: 10594   : 598   girl: 55822
 Tracks : 19764 playedPlaysRelativeRatingComments
1rachael yamagata : reason why193100 
2aslyn : be the girl11459 
3rachael yamagata : worn me down11157 
4missy higgins : scar9247 
5rachael yamagata : letter read8644 
6julieta venegas : lo que pidas8644 
7serena ryder : daydream7438 
8melissa ferrick : welcome to my life7438 
9andrea echeverri : a eme o7438 
10serena ryder : every single day6835 
11mary gauthier : i drink6734 
12sarah mclachlan : fallen6533 
13sarah mclachlan : building a mystery6533 
14rachael yamagata : 19636533 
15rachael yamagata : under my skin6332 
16missy higgins : the special two6332 
17norah jones : creepin' in6232 
18serena ryder : and some money too5930 
19melissa ferrick : everything i need5930 
20lucinda williams : joy5930 
21tom waits : picture in a frame5830 
22sarah mclachlan : push5629 
23melissa ferrick : drive5629 
24lucinda williams : i lost it5629 
25allison moorer : a soft place to fall5629 
26serena ryder : again by you5427 
27frank sinatra : one for my baby5327 
28carla bruni : quelqu'un m'a dit5327 
29rachael yamagata : i want you5226 
30melissa ferrick : will you be the one4925 
31lucinda williams : drunken angel4925 
32john prine : in spite of ourselves w iris dement4824 
33diana krall : popsicle toes4824 
34diana krall : frim fram sauce4724 
35holly cole : i want you4623 
36indigo girls : hammer and a nail4523 
37tom waits : (looking for) the heart of saturday night4422 
38eddie from ohio : the bird4422 
39carrie newcomer : betty's diner4422 
40sandrine kiberlain : manquait plus qu'ca4322 
41jenny lewis with the watson twins : melt your heart4322 
42shelby lynne : telephone4221 
43rachael yamagata : be be your love4221 
44missy higgins : don't ever4221 
45shelby lynne : if i were smart4121 
46lucinda williams : those three days4121 
47jenny lewis with the watson twins : rise up with fists!!4121 
48sarah mclachlan : world on fire4020 
49sarah mclachlan : ice cream4020 
50madeleine peyroux : dance me to the end of love4020 
51diana krall : just the way you are4020 
52barbra streisand : bewitched, bothered and bewildered4020 
53aslyn : you got me4020 
54aimee mann : pavlov's bell4020 
55sarah mclachlan : answer3920 
56julie roberts : break down here3920 
57shelby lynne : i won't die alone3819 
58po' girl : poor girl3819 
59madeleine peyroux : don't cry baby3819 
60iris dement : my life3819 
61greta gaines : honeycomb3819 
62brandi carlile : throw it all away3819 
63the ditty bops : sister kate3719 
64indigo girls : mystery3719 
65shelby lynne : iced tea3618 
66shelby lynne : i don't think so3618 
67john prine : (we're not) the jet set w iris dement3618 
68frank sinatra : the lady is a tramp3618 
69blossom dearie : they say it's spring3618 
70ani difranco : untouchable face3618 
71tim mcgraw : something like that (bbq stain - t-shirt song)3518 
72sheryl crow : soak up the sun3518 
73shelby lynne : where i'm from3518 
74shelby lynne : dream some3518 
75sarah mclachlan : dirty little secret3518 
76lucinda williams : passionate kisses3518 
77willie nelson : picture in a frame3417 
78shelby lynne : killin' kind3417 
79madeleine peyroux : i'm all right3417 
80holly cole : (looking for) the heart of saturday night3417 
81gretchen wilson : skoal ring3417 
82serena ryder : skin crawl3317 
83maria mckee : panic beach3317 
84lucinda williams : still i long for your kiss3317 
85jean-jacques goldman : la-bas3317 
86iris dement : let the mystery be3317 
87ella fitzgerald : bewitched, bothered and bewildered3317 
88delbert mcclinton : lone star blues3317 
89barbra streisand : lover, come back to me3317 
90shelby lynne : johnny met june3216 
91rachael yamagata : quiet3216 
92missy higgins : katie3216 
93loretta lynn : one's on the way3216 
94john prine : please don't bury me3216 
95jem : just a ride3216 
96blossom dearie : manhattan3216 
97aimee mann : humpty dumpty3216 
98rachael yamagata : paper doll3116 
99missy higgins : all for believing3116 
100johann sebastian bach : toccata and fugue in d minor3116 
101enzo enzo : les yeux ouverts3116 
102dixie chicks : wide open spaces3116 
103bruce springsteen : you're missing3116 
104barbra streisand : i'll know (from guys and dolls)3116 
105aslyn : gotta get over you3116 
106andrea echeverri : amortiguador3116 
107the weepies : gotta have you3015 
108sarah mclachlan : the path of thorns (terms)3015 
109sarah mclachlan : adia3015 
110nanci griffith : deportee (train wreck at los gatos)3015 
111missy higgins : ten days3015 
112maura o'connell : i would be stronger than that3015 
113lucinda williams : jackson3015 
114lucinda williams : 2 cool 2 be 4-gotten3015 
115greta gaines : wake up happy3015 
116diana krall : peel me a grape3015 
117bob dylan : forever young3015 
118ani difranco : napoleon3015 
119susan tedeschi : follow2915 
120serena ryder : at last2915 
121sarah mclachlan : i will remember you2915 
122mary chapin carpenter : he thinks he'll keep her2915 
123lila downs : la cumbia del mole2915 
124julieta venegas : andar conmigo2915 
125john prine : sam stone2915 
126dave's true story : everlasting no2915 
127tom waits : watch her disappear2814 
128susie suh : shell2814 
129pretenders : complex person2814 
130melissa ferrick : to let you see me2814 
131melissa ferrick : beijing2814 
132lucinda williams : ventura2814 
133lucinda williams : right in time2814 
134ani difranco : amazing grace2814 
135van morrison : brown eyed girl2713 
136trisha yearwood : walkaway joe2713 
137tift merritt : good hearted man2713 
138the white stripes : jolene2713 
139the roches : we2713 
140the little willies : i gotta get drunk2713 
141the be good tanyas : lakes of pontchartrain2713 
142sheryl crow : leaving las vegas2713 
143shelby lynne : old times sake2713 
144shelby lynne : lookin' up2713 
145rilo kiley : it just is 2713 
146rachael yamagata : i'll find a way2713 
147rachael yamagata : even so2713 
148nanci griffith : trouble in the fields2713 
149madeleine peyroux : blue alert2713 
150lucinda williams : metal firecracker2713 
151leela james : music2713 
152indigo girls : become you2713 
153helen forrest : i've heard that song before2713 
154enzo enzo : deux minutes de soleil en plus (vodka version)2713 
155edie brickell : good times2713 
156diana krall : squeeze me2713 
157ani difranco : the slant2713 
158sugarland : want to2613 
159shelby lynne : tell me i'm crazy2613 
160sandrine kiberlain : girl2613 
161phil harris : the bare necessities2613 
162patty griffin : mary2613 
163lucinda williams : change the locks2613 
164indigo girls : get out the map2613 
165heather nova : if i saw you in a movie2613 
166frédéric chopin : "minute" waltz2613 
167delbert mcclinton : midnight communion2613 
168can : spoon2613 
169bruce springsteen : my city of ruins2613 
170brandi carlile : fall apart again2613 
171the white stripes : hotel yorba2512 
172the waifs : the waitress2512 
173the band : the weight2512 
174shelby lynne : wall in your heart2512 
175pink : just like a pill2512 
176missy higgins : the sound of white2512 
177mary gauthier : mama louisiana2512 
178madeleine peyroux : always a use2512 
179lyle lovett : private conversation2512 
180lucinda williams : car wheels on a gravel road2512 
181lorrie morgan : what part of no2512 
182lily allen : ldn2512 
183julieta venegas : me voy2512 
184joni mitchell : both sides, now2512 
185indigo girls : language or the kiss2512 
186indigo girls : dead man's hill2512 
187holly cole : the briar and the rose2512 
188hole : celebrity skin2512 
189goldfrapp : strict machine2512 
190fountains of wayne : stacy's mom2512 
191brandi carlile : eye of the needle2512 
192alan jackson : it's five o' clock somewhere w jimmy buffett2512 
193vanessa paradis : joe le taxi2412 
194tom waits : long way home2412 
195tom waits : god's away on business2412 
196terri clark : poor, poor pitiful me2412 
197sugarland : baby girl2412 
198sophie milman : i can't give you anything but love, baby2412 
199rhonda vincent : you don't love god if you don't love your neighbor2412 
200nanci griffith : ford econoline2412 
201mary gauthier : good-bye2412 
202lucinda williams : greenville2412 
203liz phair : hot white cum2412 
204kt tunstall : black horse and the cherry tree2412 
205katalina : bewitched, bothered and bewildered2412 
206judy garland : over the rainbow2412 
207indigo girls : bury my heart at wounded knee2412 
208holly cole : alison2412 
209frank sinatra : oh! look at me now2412 
210frank sinatra : night and day2412 
211ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong : autumn in new york2412 
212eleni mandell : tell me twice2412 
213dixie chicks : there's your trouble2412 
214bruce springsteen : glory days2412 
215amy speace : double wide trailer2412 
216van morrison : tupelo honey2311 
217the band : up on cripple creek2311 
218steve earle : this dirty little town w emmylou harris, lucinda williams2311 
219shelby lynne : gotta get back2311 
220shelby lynne : bend2311 
221shakira : dia de enero2311 
222sarah vaughan : they can't take that away from me2311 
223roisin murphy : ruby blue2311 
224pink : stupid girls2311 
225nellie mckay : won't u please b nice2311 
226mary chapin carpenter : halley came to jackson2311 
227maria mckee : drinkin' in my sunday dress2311 
228madeleine peyroux : the way you look tonight2311 
229lorrie morgan : except for monday2311 
230lorrie morgan : do you still wanna buy me that drink (frank)2311 
231julie london : daddy2311 
232indigo girls : power of two2311 
233holly cole : good old world2311 
234frank sinatra : in the wee small hours of the morning2311 
235frank sinatra : i get a kick out of you2311 
236bruce springsteen : dancing in the dark2311 
237brandi carlile : closer to you2311 
238antonio carlos jobim and elis regina : aguas de marco (waters of march)2311 
239willie nelson : maria (shut up and kiss me) w ray thomas, bill evens2211 
240tom waits : you can never hold back spring2211 
241tish hinojosa : eres tu2211 
242the puppini sisters : i will survive2211 
243the kills : sour cherry2211 
244sissy spacek as loretta lynn : one's on the way2211 
245sheryl crow : steve mcqueen (grama's favorite)2211 
246roy orbison : oh pretty woman2211 
247persephone's bees : city of love2211 
248patty griffin : florida2211 
249neil young : after the gold rush2211 
250mary gauthier : mercy now2211 
251madeleine peyroux : you're gonna make me lonesome when you go2211 
252lyle lovett : extra track - lyle meets...julia2211 
253lucinda williams : fruits of my labor2211 
254lucinda williams : concrete and barbed wire2211 
255lucinda williams : can't let go2211 
256lorrie morgan : half enough2211 
257johnny cash : long black veil2211 
258jane monheit : waters of march2211 
259holly cole : waters of march2211 
260heather nova : like lovers do2211 
261frankee : f.u. right back2211 
262eleni mandell : pauline2211 
263the kills : fried my little brains2110 
264the be good tanyas : the littlest birds2110 
265the band : the shape i'm in2110 
266sugarland : something more2110 
267sons of the san joaquin : where the very same cottonwoods grow2110 
268neil young : old man2110 
269missy higgins : greed for your love2110 
270lyle lovett : here i am2110 
271lila downs : pa' todo el año2110 
272leo kottke : jesu, joy of man's desiring2110 
273jenny lewis with the watson twins : the charging sky2110 
274indigo girls : last tears2110 
275frank sinatra : i've got you under my skin2110 
276elton john : rocket man (i think it's going to be a long, long time)2110 
277ella fitzgerald : let's call the whole thing off2110 
278coti sorokin/julieta venegas : nada fue un error w paulina rubio2110 
279aslyn : just enough2110 
280andrea echeverri : ya yo no2110 
281alan jackson : rainy day in june2110 
282tom waits : tom traubert's blues (waltzing matilda)2010 
283the wailin' jennys : beautiful dawn2010 
284the mavericks : dream river2010 
285shelby lynne : evil man2010 
286sarah mclachlan : angel2010 
287sara evans : coalmine2010 
288sandrine kiberlain : m'envoyer des fleurs2010 
289nellie mckay : i wanna get married2010 
290nat king cole : mona lisa2010 
291madeleine peyroux : i think it's going to rain (bonus track)2010 
292lucinda williams : pineola2010 
293johann sebastian bach : allegro2010 
294george strait : i cross my heart2010 
295eleni mandell : iowa city2010 
296dixie chicks : not ready to make nice2010 
297cat stevens : the wind2010 
298carrie newcomer : i'll go to2010 
299brandi carlile : hallelujah2010 
300a fine frenzy : come on, come out2010 
301thea gilmore : god knows199 
302the raconteurs : steady, as she goes199 
303the lisa marr experiment : another light199 
304the kills : the good ones199 
305the judds : rockin' with the rhythm of the rain199 
306the ditty bops : angel with an attitude199 
307the band : it makes no difference199 
308the band : don't do it199 
309santana : black magic woman199 
310rachael yamagata : meet me by the water199 
311norah jones : don't know why199 
312missy higgins : this is how it goes199 
313mary gauthier : ways of the world199 
314mary chapin carpenter : slow country dance199 
315madeleine peyroux : the summer wind199 
316lucinda williams : sweet side199 
317loretta lynn : coal miner's daughter199 
318liz phair : x-ray man199 
319joni mitchell : woodstock199 
320jane monheit : blame it on my youth199 
321fritz kreisler : liebesfreud199 
322frank sinatra : you make me feel so young199 
323frank sinatra : violets for your furs199 
324frank sinatra : my funny valentine199 
325fiona apple : criminal199 
326faith hill : breathe199 
327doris day : someone like you199 
328cowboy junkies : sweet jane199 
329chely wright : back of the bottom drawer199 
330brazilian girls : pussy199 
331blondie : the tide is high199 
332bing crosby : white christmas199 
333ani difranco : both hands199 
334aimee mann : stupid thing199 
335aimee mann : now i am different199 
336william shatner : i can't get behind that189 
337tom waits : diamond in your mind189 
338the rolling stones : love is strong189 
339stan rogers : 45 years189 
340shelby lynne : where am i now189 
341shelby lynne : leavin'189 
342sarah harmer : new enemy189 
343rod stewart : tonight's the night (gonna be alright)189 
344pink : don't let me get me189 
345ollabelle : holloway road189 
346melissa ferrick : little love189 
347madeleine peyroux : j'ai deux amours189 
348madeleine peyroux : dreamland189 
349lucinda williams : motherless children189 
350lucinda williams : lake charles189 
351lucinda williams : it's a long way to the top189 
352lucinda williams : atonement189 
353julie london : gone with the wind189 
354joão gilberto : eclipse189 
355john prine : other side of town189 
356john prine : let's invite them over w iris dement189 
357jesca hoop : money189 
358holly figueroa : turn around189 
359gillian welch : rock of ages189 
360doris day : my blue heaven189 
361diana krall : straighten up and fly right189 
362diana krall : deed i do189 
363delbert mcclinton : one of the fortunate few189 
364bruce springsteen : old dan tucker189 
365bob dylan : ballad of a thin man189 
366blossom dearie : the ballad of the shape of things189 
367blossom dearie : rhode island is famous for you189 
368ani difranco : gravel189 
369ani difranco : anticipate189 
370amy millan : baby i189 
371tom waits : ol´55178 
372tom waits : bottom of the world178 
373toby keith : i wanna talk about me178 
374thelonious monk : 'round midnight178 
375the nitty gritty dirt band and mother maybelle carter : keep on the sunny side178 
376the be good tanyas : in spite of all the damage178 
377sheryl crow : over you178 
378sheryl crow : all i wanna do178 
379shelby lynne : i cry everyday178 
380shelby lynne : gonna be better178 
381shelby lynne : black light blue178 
382shakira : estoy aquí178 
383regina spektor : my dear acquaintance (a happy new year)178 
384nanci griffith : love at the five and dime178 
385mose allison : the seventh son178 
386mary gauthier : the sun fades the color of everything178 
387mary gauthier : goddamn hiv178 
388mary gauthier : drag queens in limousines178 
389madeleine peyroux : walkin' after midnight178 
390madeleine peyroux : once in a while178 
391madeleine peyroux : (looking for) the heart of saturday night178 
392lyle lovett : in my own mind178 
393ludwig van beethoven : piano sonata no. 23 in f minor - "appassionata": ii. andante con moto178 
394lorrie morgan : watch me178 
395little walter : my babe178 
396lila downs : done estas papa178 
397laura veirs : galaxies178 
398julie london : blues in the night178 
399judy garland : easter parade w fred astaire178 
400judy garland : come rain or come shine178 
401johnny cash : kneeling drunkards plea178 
402john prine : wedding bells / let's turn back the years w lucinda williams178 
403john prine : safety joe178 
404joan baez : asimbonanga178 
405jen foster : in between poses178 
406frank sinatra : you're getting to be a habit with me178 
407frank sinatra : the christmas waltz178 
408frank sinatra : my way178 
409fiona apple : extraordinary machine178 
410emmylou harris : boulder to birmingham178 
411eliza gilkyson : hiway 9178 
412eleni mandell : you're all bad (and that's why you've been invited)178 
413doris day : it's magic178 
414dixie chicks : i hope178 
415diana krall : the heart of saturday night178 
416diana krall : come dance with me178 
417diana krall : 'deed i do178 
418circe link : sorrow for three178 
419carmen mcrae : my funny valentine178 
420bruce springsteen : the rising178 
421bruce springsteen : jesse james178 
422bob dylan : with god on our side178 
423bob dylan : like a rolling stone178 
424blossom dearie : tea for two178 
425betzaida : el moreno178 
426aslyn : wally178 
427ani difranco : out of habit178 
428ani difranco : gratitude178 
429allison moorer : revelator178 
430alberta hunter : my handy man ain't handy no more178 
431tom waits : shiny things168 
432the white stripes : i just don't know what to do with myself168 
433the roches : acadian driftwood168 
434the mcguire sisters : tiptoe through the tulips with me168 
435the kills : cat claw168 
436the band : the night they drove old dixie down168 
437the band : ophelia168 
438the band : i shall be released168 
439talking heads : once in a lifetime168 
440susan tedeschi : it hurt so bad168 
441steeleye span : two magicians168 
442stan rogers : barrett's privateers168 
443sons of the san joaquin : from whence came the cowboy168 
444shelby lynne : you don't have a heart168 
445shelby lynne : why can't you be?168 
446shelby lynne : life is bad168 
447shelby lynne : buttons and beaus168 
448shaver : the first and last time168 
449shania twain : in my car (i'll be the driver)168 
450sergei rachmaninoff : it's peaceful here op.21 no.7168 
451sarah mclachlan : mary168 
452sarah mclachlan : hold on168 
453sarah mclachlan : elsewhere168 
454sarah harmer : i am aglow168 
455sarah harmer : dandelions in bullet holes168 
456patsy cline : lovesick blues168 
457nicole mckenna : junk168 
458natalie imbruglia : torn168 
459nat king cole : (get your kicks on) route 66168 
460nancy wilson : the very thought of you168 
461miles davis : so what168 
462michelle willson : lonely teardrops168 
463maurice ravel : boléro168 
464marte wulff : lady168 
465maria mckee : am i the only one (who's ever felt this way?)168 
466madeleine peyroux : smile168 
467madeleine peyroux : a little bit168 
468lucinda williams : world without tears168 
469little walter : juke168 
470lila downs : perhaps, perhaps, perhaps168 
471kelly willis : what i deserve168 
472june christy : it's been a long, long time168 
473julie london : one for my baby168 
474julie london : night life168 
475judy garland : the man that got away168 
476joni harms : are we there yet168 
477johnny cash : i got stripes168 
478johnny cash : bird on a wire168 
479john prine : city of new orleans w randy scruggs168 
480itzhak perlman : pine apple rag168 
481holly cole : jersey girl168 
482gram rabbit : devil's playground168 
483frank sinatra : silent night168 
484frank sinatra : all of me168 
485fleetwood mac : the chain168 
486fiona apple : paper bag168 
487faith hill : this kiss168 
488ella fitzgerald : mack the knife168 
489doris day : i enjoy being a girl168 
490diana krall : little girl blue168 
491diana krall : i love being here with you168 
492chuck berry : tulane168 
493chris webster : turning of the wheel168 
494carly simon : you're so vain168 
495bruce springsteen : mary's place168 
496brandi carlile : what can i say168 
497brandi carlile : the story168 
498blossom dearie : surrey with the fringe on top168 
499blossom dearie : i walk a little faster168 
500bitter:sweet : overdue168 
501barbra streisand : any place i hang my hat is home168 
502anne mccue : i want you back168 
503angélique kidjo : ces petits riens168 
504allie danielle : no168 
505tom waits : shiver me timbers157 
506tom waits : jersey girl157 
507tift merritt : neighborhood157 
508thea gilmore : red farm157 
509the white stripes : seven nation army157 
510the white stripes : it's true that we love one another157 
511the rolling stones : you can't always get what you want157 
512the rolling stones : honky tonk women157 
513the donnas : drive my car157 
514steve earle : transcendental blues157 
515shelby lynne : track 12 - rainin all over the world157 
516shelby lynne : i walk the line157 
517shelby lynne : feelin' kinda lonely tonight157 
518serena ryder : little bit of red157 
519sarah mclachlan : fear157 
520sarah connor : wait 'til you hear from me157 
521rosey : love157 
522rilo kiley : after hours (velvet underground cover)157 
523randy travis : king of the road157 
524randy travis : forever and ever, amen157 
525phish : gin and juice157 
526patty griffin : tomorrow night157 
527norah jones : come away with me157 
528norah jones : cold cold heart157 
529no doubt : don't speak157 
530nancy sinatra : bang bang (my baby shot me down)157 
531miranda lambert : i can't be bothered157 
532michelle shocked : got no strings157 
533maura o'connell : bad news157 
534mary gauthier : i don't know nothin about love157 
535mary chapin carpenter : shut up and kiss me157 
536madeleine peyroux : weary blues157 
537lyle lovett : nothing but a good ride157 
538lyle lovett : l.a. county157 
539louis armstrong : a kiss to build a dream on157 
540liz phair : why can't i?157 
541liz phair : girls, girls, girls157 
542lila downs : agua de rosas157 
543leonard cohen : everybody knows157 
544leo kottke : the grid w mike gordon157 
545keren ann : les rivières de janvier157 
546june christy : shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy157 
547june christy : it don't mean a thing157 
548julieta venegas : alguien157 
549judy garland : dear mr. gable/you made me love you157 
550joss stone : fell in love with a boy157 
551johnny cash : sanctified157 
552johnny cash : i walk the line157 
553john prine : when two worlds collide w trisha yearwood157 
554johann sebastian bach : bach violin concerto in g minor ii157 
555johann sebastian bach : air from suite no. 3 in d major157 
556johann sebastian bach : ii157 
557jacques brel : ne me quitte pas157 
558imogen heap : getting scared157 
559holly cole : tennessee waltz157 
560holly cole : que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be)157 
561gustav holst : jupiter, the bringer of jollity157 
562gretchen wilson : one bud wiser157 
563goldfrapp : ooh la la157 
564gabriel faure : masques et bergamasques, op. 112: iv. pastorale157 
565fritz kreisler : liebesleid157 
566frank sinatra : south of the border157 
567frank sinatra : send in the clowns157 
568frank sinatra : i've got a crush on you w frank jr.157 
569france gall : ella, elle l'a157 
570emiliana torrini : sunny road157 
571elton john : tiny dancer157 
572ella fitzgerald : i'm old fashioned157 
573eliza gilkyson : peace call157 
574eleni mandell : never know the party's here157 
575eleni mandell : it's raining157 
576doris day : the way you look tonight157 
577diana krall : pick yourself up157 
578diana krall : hit that jive jack157 
579dave brubeck : take five157 
580cowboy junkies : if you were the woman and i was the man w john prine157 
581colbie caillat : bubbly157 
582chet baker : my funny valentine157 
583carolyn dawn johnson : complicated157 
584carly simon : nobody does it better157 
585bruce springsteen : matamoros banks157 
586brandi carlile : happy157 
587bob dylan : the man in me157 
588blossom dearie : i won't dance157 
589billie holiday : autumn in new york157 
590barbra streisand : like a straw in the wind157 
591barbra streisand : keepin' out of mischief now157 
592antonio vivaldi : four seasons op.8 (1987 digital remaster), spring (1987 digital remaster): allegro (1987 digital remaster)157 
593ani difranco : outta me, onto you157 
594ani difranco : not so soft157 
595ani difranco : adam and eve157 
596ani difranco : 78% h2o157 
597aimee mann : save me157 
598aimee mann : going through the motions157 
599willie nelson : will the circle be unbroken147 
600ub40 : i got you babe w chrissie hynde147 
601tori amos : general joy147 
602tony bennett : i left my heart in san francisco147 
603the wailin' jennys : come all you sailors147 
604the waifs : without you147 
605the shins : new slang (garden state soundtrack)147 
606the raconteurs : store bought bones147 
607the puppini sisters : wuthering heights147 
608the police : roxanne147 
609the mcguire sisters : wouldn't it be loverly147 
610the mcguire sisters : volare147 
611the kills : love is a deserter147 
612the calling : wherever you will go147 
613the beatles : come together147 
614tchaikovsky : symphony no.4 in f minor, op.36: - 4. finale: allegro con fuoco147 
615tchaikovsky : act iii/15.scene - allegro giusto147 
616tchaikovsky : act ii/14.scene - moderato147 
617susan werner : something so right147 
618susan werner : much at all147 
619sophie milman : lonely in new york147 
620sophie milman : la vie en rose147 
621sonya kitchell : tinted glass147 
622sons of the san joaquin : the west147 
623sade : babyfather147 
624rupert everett as dionne warwick : i say a little prayer147 
625rilo kiley : 15147 
626rachael yamagata : moments with oliver147 
627psapp : hi147 
628peggy lee : big spender147 
629peggy lee : apples, peaches and cherries147 
630oliver! cast : i'd do anything147 
631nina simone : my baby just cares for me147 
632niagara : j'ai vu147 
633neko case : middle cyclone147 
634neko case : deep red bells147 
635nanci griffith : late night grande hotel147 
636nanci griffith : do re mi147 
637miranda lambert : dry town147 
638mike figgis : leaving las vegas147 
639michelle willson : long john blues147 
640melody gardot : baby i'm a fool147 
641melissa ferrick : it's alright147 
642melissa ferrick : i like it that way147 
643maurane : warhol pour monroe147 
644mary gauthier : you're all i wanna do147 
645mary chapin carpenter : i feel lucky147 
646madeleine peyroux : la javanaise147 
647madeleine peyroux : i'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter147 
648madeleine peyroux : don't wait too long147 
649madeleine peyroux : careless love147 
650lucinda williams : knowing147 
651lou reed : dirty boulevard147 
652lorrie morgan : i didn't know my own strength147 
653lorrie morgan : bombshell147 
654liz phair : whip-smart147 
655lisa loeb : stay147 
656lila downs : la martiniana (martiniana)147 
657lila downs : arboles de la barranca147 
658lee ann womack : i'll think of a reason later147 
659leann rimes : i fall to pieces147 
660kelly willis : the heart that love forgot147 
661kay starr : jump for joy147 
662k.d. lang : love is everything147 
663k.d. lang : i'm down to my last cigarette147 
664k.d. lang : hallelujah147 
665k.d. lang : hain't it funny147 
666june christy : when you wish upon a star147 
667june christy : something cool147 
668june christy : i want to be happy147 
669joss stone : i had a dream147 
670joni mitchell : big yellow taxi147 
671johnny cash : i still miss someone147 
672john prine : standing by peaceful waters (live)147 
673john prine : long monday147 
674john arthur martinez : amarillo by morning147 
675johann sebastian bach : suite no 2 bwv 813 c minor 2: courante147 
676johann sebastian bach : air on g string147 
677joan armatrading : willow147 
678jill cunniff : lazy girls147 
679jil caplan : tard dans la nuit147 
680jen foster : everybody's girl (guitar mix)147 
681jem : come on closer147 
682jane siberry : love is everything (harmony version)147 
683jane monheit : so many stars147 
684indigo girls : least complicated147 
685indigo girls : 1 2 3147 
686holly cole : blame it on my youth147 
687heartless bastards : onions147 
688gretchen wilson : the bed147 
689gipsy kings : djobi djoba147 
690gabriel faure : ballade in f sharp major, op. 19147 
691frank sinatra : stars fell on alabama147 
692fleetwood mac : over my head147 
693feist : sealion (chromeo remix) [bonus track]147 
694eliza gilkyson : runnin away147 
695eleni mandell : dangerous147 
696eddie from ohio : and the rain crashed down147 
697dwight yoakam : lucky that way147 
698doris day : bewitched, bothered and bewildered147 
699dizzy gillespie : bang bang147 
700dinah washington : smoke gets in your eyes147 
701diana krall : love me like a man147 
702diana krall : is you is or is you ain't (my baby)147 
703diana krall : i've got you under my skin147 
704david allan coe : you never even called me by my name (perfect country song)147 
705camille : waves147 
706bruce springsteen : empty sky147 
707bruce springsteen : born to run147 
708bob dylan : the times they are a-changin'147 
709blossom dearie : boum147 
710billie holiday : lover man147 
711billie holiday : all of me147 
712beach boys : feel flows147 
713bachman-turner overdrive : takin' care of business147 
714bachman-turner overdrive : blue collar147 
715aslyn : 493-1023147 
716anna nalick : satellite147 
717ani difranco : lost woman song147 
718ani difranco : fire door147 
719ani difranco : dilate147 
720andrea echeverri : amniotico147 
721amy speace : the real thing147 
722allison moorer : it's time i tried147 
723alicia keys : if i ain't got you (acoustic)147 
724alice cooper : only women bleed147 
725alice cooper : from the inside147 
726aimee mann : guys like me147 
727 eric clapton : ride the river147 
728 antônio carlos jobim : baubles, bangles and beads147 
729zz top : la grange136 
730zona sul : tous les garçons et les filles136 
731yo-yo ma : jesu, joy of man's desiring136 
732wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 - haffner - (andante)136 
733tracy chapman : if not now...136 
734trace adkins : rough and ready136 
735tom waits : starving in the belly of a whale136 
736tom waits : heartattack and vine136 
737thelonious monk : ruby, my dear136 
738thea gilmore : brittle dreams136 
739the white stripes : you're pretty good looking (for a girl)136 
740the wailin' jennys : avila136 
741the velvet underground : i'm sticking with you136 
742the rolling stones : mannish boy136 
743the roches : the train136 
744the mcguire sisters : no more136 
745the mcguire sisters : my heart cries for you136 
746the little willies : best of all possible worlds136 
747the kills : rodeo town136 
748the folksmen : old joe's place136 
749the eagles : take it to the limit136 
750the duhks : three fishers136 
751the ditty bops : fall awake136 
752the be good tanyas : light enough to travel136 
753tegan and sara : walking with a ghost136 
754tegan and sara : not tonight136 
755tanya tucker : it's a little too late136 
756steff mahan : wish136 
757solomon burke : in the ghetto136 
758siouxsie and the banshees : kiss them for me136 
759shania twain : no one needs to know136 
760shania twain : man! i feel like a woman!136 
761shania twain : love gets me every time136 
762serena ryder : blown like the wind at night136 
763sara gazarek : you got by136 
764sandi thom : when horsepower meant what it said136 
765rilo kiley : portions for foxes136 
766right said fred : you're my mate136 
767richie havens : follow136 
768regina spektor : ghost of corporate future136 
769regina spektor : edit136 
770reba mcentire : fancy136 
771rachael yamagata : collide136 
772quincy coleman : mary136 
773peggy lee : winter wonderland136 
774peggy lee : they can't take that away from me136 
775peggy lee : a doodlin' song136 
776paulina rubio : dame otro tequila (u.s. latin version)136 
777patty loveless : soul of constant sorrow136 
778patty griffin : goodbye136 
779patricia kaas : if you go away (ne me quitte pas)136 
780pat benatar : love is a battlefield136 
781ollabelle : down by the riverside136 
782norah jones : sinkin' soon136 
783nellie mckay : david136 
784nanci griffith : it's a hard life wherever you go136 
785montgomery gentry : lucky man136 
786miles davis : freddie freeloader136 
787miles davis : blue in green136 
788mikhail glinka : ruslan and lyudmila, op. 5: ruslan and lyudmila, op. 5: overture136 
789mikhail glinka : ruslan and ludmilla: dances from the third act: i allegro moderato136 
790mikhail glinka : capriccio brillante on the jota aragonesa, "spanish overture no. 1": capriccio brillante136 
791melissa ferrick : streetlight136 
792melissa ferrick : some kinda nerve136 
793melissa ferrick : crack the mirror136 
794maura o'connell : the blue train136 
795mary chapin carpenter : i take my chances136 
796marcia ball : that's what i get136 
797madeleine peyroux : la vie en rose136 
798madeleine peyroux : everybody's talkin'136 
799macy gray : i try136 
800macy gray : boo136 
801lyle lovett : don't touch my hat136 
802ludwig van beethoven : piano sonata no.23 in f minor, op.57 -"appassionata" - 2. andante con moto136 
803lucinda williams : real live bleeding fingers and broken guitar strings136 
804lucinda williams : make me a pallet on your floor136 
805lou reed : sweet jane136 
806liz phair : polyester bride (acoustic)136 
807lila downs : paloma negra136 
808lila downs : nueve viento136 
809lila downs : la cumbia del mole (short english version)136 
810lila downs : la bamba136 
811lila downs : amarga navidad136 
812les paul : gotta get me somebody to love w bing crosby136 
813leo kottke : buckaroo136 
814led zeppelin : what is and what should never be136 
815led zeppelin : d'yer mak'er136 
816laura nyro : and when i die136 
817kasey chambers : you got this car136 
818june carter cash : tiffany anastasia lowe136 
819june carter cash : keep on the sunny side136 
820julie london : let there be love136 
821julie london : blue moon136 
822joy lynn white : looking for you looking for me136 
823josh turner : long black train136 
824joni mitchell : the circle game136 
825jolie holland : mexican blue136 
826jolie holland : i wanna die136 
827johnny cash : spiritual136 
828johnny cash : 25 minutes to go136 
829john prine : let's talk dirty in hawaiian136 
830john prine : bear creek blues136 
831john arthur martinez : the armadillo song136 
832johann sebastian bach : suite no 1 bwv 812 d minor 5: menuet ii136 
833johann sebastian bach : jesu, joy of man's desiring (from cantata no. 147)136 
834jimmy buffett : if you like pina coladas136 
835jenny lewis with the watson twins : you are what you love136 
836jenny lewis with the watson twins : handle with care136 
837jane siberry : temple136 
838jane monheit : more than you know136 
839iris dement : trouble w delbert mcclinton136 
840indigo girls : rock and roll heaven's gate136 
841indigo girls : galileo136 
842greta gaines : full blown rose136 
843gordon lightfoot : sundown136 
844giuseppe verdi : nabucco: act iii - chorus of the hebrew slaves "va pensiero, sull'ali dorate"136 
845gillian welch : no one knows my name136 
846george jones : bartender's blues136 
847garth brooks : friends in low places (long version)136 
848frank sinatra : white christmas136 
849frank sinatra : that's life136 
850frank sinatra : i wish i were in love again136 
851frank sinatra : come dance with me136 
852frank sinatra : a foggy day136 
853fleetwood mac : second hand news136 
854fleetwood mac : go your own way136 
855fiona apple : i know136 
856feist : secret heart136 
857feist : now at last136 
858erin mckeown : aspera136 
859eleni mandell : yellow light136 
860eleni mandell : my twin136 
861doris day : tell me dream face136 
862doris day : my young and foolish heart136 
863don edwards : way out west in texas136 
864dixie chicks : i'll take care of you136 
865dixie chicks : am i the only one136 
866diana krall : the boy from ipanema136 
867diana krall : let's fall in love136 
868diana krall : it was a beautiful day in august / you can depend on me136 
869delbert mcclinton : desperation136 
870dave's true story : sequined mermaid dress136 
871dave's true story : dog's life136 
872crosby, stills, nash and young : woodstock136 
873claude debussy - philippe entremont, paul crossley, michael tilson thomas : rêverie136 
874christine lavin : happiness runs136 
875charlie parker : salt peanuts136 
876catie curtis : rope swings and avalanches136 
877cathy fink and marcy marxer : buffalo gals136 
878carrie newcomer : the gathering of spirits136 
879carole king : it's too late136 
880carmen mcrae : new york state of mind136 
881bruce springsteen : into the fire136 
882bruce springsteen : i'm on fire136 
883bruce springsteen : born in the u.s.a136 
884brandi carlile : follow136 
885bob dylan : workingman's blues #2136 
886bob dylan : tombstone blues136 
887bob dylan : blowin' in the wind136 
888blossom dearie : i'm old fashioned136 
889blossom dearie : bang goes the drum136 
890bitter:sweet : salty air136 
891bitter:sweet : moving forward136 
892bea bronchal : confusa136 
893barenaked ladies : if i had a million dollars136 
894barbra streisand : as time goes by136 
895bachman-turner overdrive : roll on down the highway136 
896antonio vivaldi : l'autumno - 3. allegro136 
897antonio vivaldi : concerto in g minor for 2 cellos-allegro136 
898antonio carlos jobim and elis regina : só tinha de ser com você136 
899ani difranco : sorry i am136 
900amanda wilkinson : pontiacs136 
901alison krauss : the lucky one136 
902alison krauss : baby, now that i've found you136 
903alicia keys : when you really love someone136 
904alan jackson : too much of a good thing is a good thing136 
905aimee mann : have yourself a merry little christmas136 
906adrienne young : brokendown palace136 
907a fine frenzy : the trout136 
908 eric clapton : it's easy136 
909 eric clapton : anyway the wind blows136 
910trisha yearwood : georgia rain (acoustic)126 
911tracy chapman : fast car126 
912tracy chapman : baby can i hold you126 
913tom waits : what's he building?126 
914tom waits : the part you throw away126 
915tom waits : i never talk to strangers w bette midler126 
916tom waits : frank's wild years126 
917toby keith : i love this bar126 
918tilly and the wall : rainbows in the dark126 
919tilly and the wall : bad education126 
920tiffany : spanish eyes126 
921thelonious monk : straight no chaser126 
922thelonious monk : blue monk126 
923thea gilmore : when i'm gone126 
924the white stripes : a martyr for my love for you126 
925the wailin' jennys : one voice126 
926the traveling wilburys : handle with care126 
927the rolling stones : streets of love126 
928the rolling stones : far away eyes126 
929the rolling stones : don't stop126 
930the rolling stones : beast of burden126 
931the roches : the naughty lady of shady lane126 
932the roches : pounding126 
933the roches : nocturne126 
934the roches : no shoes126 
935the roches : barber shop126 
936the raconteurs : intimate secretary (live)126 
937the puppini sisters : heart of glass126 
938the pipettes : i love you126 
939the notorious cherry bombs : it's hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long126 
940the little willies : roly poly126 
941the little willies : love me126 
942the kills : tape song126 
943the judds : working in the coal mine126 
944the judds : have mercy126 
945the jayhawks : waiting for the sun126 
946the ginn sisters : hard fall126 
947the eagles : take it easy126 
948the eagles : peaceful easy feeling126 
949the eagles : hotel california126 
950the duhks : love is the seventh wave126 
951the donnas : take it off126 
952the donnas : pass it around126 
953the donnas : friday fun126 
954the ditty bops : wishful thinking126 
955the beatles : norwegian wood (this bird has flown)126 
956the beatles : hey jude126 
957the beatles : a day in the life126 
958the be good tanyas : reuben126 
959the be good tanyas : only in the past126 
960the be good tanyas : dogsong aka sleep dog lullaby126 
961the band : long black veil126 
962the band : acadian driftwood126 
963terri clark : i wish he'd been drinkin' whiskey126 
964tchaikovsky : act ii/10.scene - moderato126 
965taylor swift : our song126 
966tanya tucker : some kind of trouble126 
967swati : new me126 
968susan werner : time between trains126 
969susan werner : still believe126 
970susan werner : late for the dance126 
971susan werner : last of the good straight girls126 
972susan werner : bring 'round the boat126 
973susan tedeschi : alone126 
974sugarland : settlin'126 
975sugarland : april showers126 
976steve earle : copperhead road126 
977stephen sondheim : side by side by side (from "company")126 
978stephen sondheim : getting married today (from "company")126 
979stephen sondheim : could i leave you? (from "follies")126 
980sophie milman : my heart belongs to daddy126 
981son de madera : la marea126 
982solomon burke : the mighty quinn126 
983solomon burke : change is gonna come126 
984sideways : let's go sailing126 
985si*se : mariposa en havana126 
986sheryl crow : c'mon c'mon126 
987shelby lynne : lonely weekends126 
988shedaisy : in terms of love126 
989shawn colvin : wild country126 
990shawn colvin : these four walls126 
991shania twain : up!126 
992shakira : suerte - whenever wherever126 
993sarah slean : sweet ones126 
994sarah mclachlan : ol' 55126 
995sarah mclachlan : good enough126 
996sarah harmer : will he be waiting for me?126 
997sara evans : tonight126 
998sara evans : new hometown126 
999santana : feels like fire w dido126 
1000rod stewart : handbags and gladrags126  
1001rilo kiley : the moneymaker126 
1002rilo kiley : spectacular views126 
1003rilo kiley : i never126 
1004regina spektor : poor little rich boy126 
1005regina spektor : fidelity126 
1006regina spektor : après moi126 
1007reba mcentire : is there life out there126 
1008ray parker junior : ghostbusters126 
1009ray charles : come rain or come shine126 
1010randy travis : on the other hand126 
1011randy scruggs : both sides now126 
1012psapp : leaving in coffins126 
1013po' girl : take the long way126 
1014pink martini : una notte a napoli126 
1015pink martini : hey eugene126 
1016pink floyd : eclipse126 
1017pink : tonight's the night126 
1018pink : 18 wheeler126 
1019persephone's bees : queen's night out126 
1020persephone's bees : nice day (album version)126 
1021persephone's bees : even though i'm fooling around126 
1022patty griffin : tony126 
1023patty griffin : heavenly day126 
1024patti page : cross over the bridge126 
1025patsy cline : crazy126 
1026p!nk : walk away126 
1027p!nk : numb126 
1028p!nk : most girls126 
1029p!nk : last to know126 
1030oliver! cast : it's a fine life126 
1031norah jones : sunrise126 
1032norah jones : feelin' the same way126 
1033no doubt : it's my life126 
1034nina simone : nobody knows you when you're down and out126 
1035nicole mckenna : i thank you now126 
1036neneh cherry : the next generation126 
1037neko case : blacklisted126 
1038neil young : prairie wind126 
1039nanci griffith : speed of the sound of loneliness w john prine126 
1040miranda lambert : me and charlie talking126 
1041miranda lambert : love your memory126 
1042miranda lambert : guilty in here126 
1043mindy smith : jolene (bonus track)126 
1044miles davis : flamenco sketches126 
1045miles davis : all blues126 
1046mikhail glinka : souvenir d'une nuit d'ete a madrid, "spanish overture no. 2": souvenir d’une nuit d’ete a madrid126 
1047mikhail glinka : overture in d major126 
1048michelle wright : take it like a man126 
1049melody gardot : worrisome heart126 
1050melody gardot : our love is easy126 
1051melissa mcclelland : come home suzie126 
1052melissa ferrick : e-mail126 
1053meat loaf : paradise by the dashboard light126 
1054mc solaar : caroline126 
1055mary chapin carpenter : passionate kisses126 
1056martina mcbride : satin sheets126 
1057marianne faithfull : as tears go by126 
1058maria mckee : this property is condemned126 
1059marcia ball : i'd rather go blind126 
1060mandy barnett : baby don't you know126 
1061madeleine peyroux : was i?126 
1062madeleine peyroux : river (featuring k.d. lang)126 
1063madeleine peyroux : reckless blues126 
1064madeleine peyroux : lonesome road126 
1065madeleine peyroux : hey sweet man126 
1066madeleine peyroux : between the bars126 
1067macy gray : still126 
1068lyle lovett : that's right (you're not from texas)126 
1069lyle lovett : she's hot to go126 
1070lyle lovett : long tall texan126 
1071ludwig van beethoven : piano sonata no. 23 in f minor - "appassionata": iii. allegro ma non troppo126 
1072ludwig van beethoven : piano sonata no. 23 in f minor - "appassionata": i. allegro assai126 
1073lucinda williams : words fell126 
1074lucinda williams : sweet old world126 
1075lucinda williams : sundays126 
1076lucinda williams : something about what happens when we talk126 
1077lucinda williams : essence126 
1078los lonely boys : more than love126 
1079lorrie morgan : something in red126 
1080loretta lynn : the pill126 
1081loretta lynn : hey loretta126 
1082loretta lynn : fist city126 
1083liz phair : never said126 
1084liz phair : leap of innocence126 
1085liz phair : fuck and run126 
1086liz phair : flower126 
1087liz phair : chopsticks126 
1088liz phair : blowjob queen126 
1089lisa loeb : leaving on a jet plane126 
1090lila downs : yo ya me voy126 
1091lila downs : tránsito126 
1092lila downs : el relampago126 
1093lex land : play in reverse126 
1094leona naess : mexico126 
1095leona naess : dues to pay126 
1096leo kottke : why can't you fix my car126 
1097lee ann womack : the weight126 
1098lee ann womack : i hope you dance w sons of the desert126 
1099led zeppelin : the battle of evermore126 
1100led zeppelin : stairway to heaven126 
1101leann rimes : big deal126 
1102leann rimes : amazing grace (acapella)126 
1103laura cantrell : the curse of hook mountain126 
1104kt tunstall : under the weather126 
1105kris delmhorst : galuppi baldessare126 
1106kimmie rhodes : home john126 
1107kelly hogan : (you don't know) the first thing about blue126 
1108keely smith : stormy weather126 
1109keely smith : on the sunny side of the street126 
1110kathy mattea : eighteen wheels and a dozen roses126 
1111kathleen edwards : back to me126 
1112kasey chambers : last hard bible126 
1113kasey chambers : hard road126 
1114k.d. lang : watch your step polka126 
1115k.d. lang : my old addiction126 
1116k.d. lang : after the gold rush126 
1117june christy : day dream126 
1118june carter cash : losin' you126 
1119julieta venegas : primer dia126 
1120julieta venegas : canciones de amor126 
1121julie roberts : no way out126 
1122julie roberts : mama don't cry126 
1123julie london : black coffee126 
1124judy garland : zing! went the strings of my heart126 
1125judy garland : under the bamboo tree w margaret o'brien126 
1126joy lynn white : love sometimes126 
1127joss stone : the chokin' kind126 
1128joss stone : super duper love (are you diggin' on me?), pt. 1126 
1129joni mitchell : river126 
1130johnny cash : the old account126 
1131johnny cash : ballad of ira hayes126 
1132john prine : loose talk w connie smith126 
1133john prine : in a town this size w dolores keane126 
1134johann sebastian bach : largo126 
1135joan jett and the blackhearts : crimson and clover126 
1136joan baez : the night they drove old dixie down126 
1137joan baez : freight train126 
1138joan baez : diamonds and rust126 
1139joan baez : amazing grace126 
1140jo stafford : always true to you in my fashion126 
1141jo dee messina : my give a damn's busted126 
1142jill sobule : i kissed a girl126 
1143jil caplan : liza minelli126 
1144jessi alexander : honeysuckle sweet126 
1145jesca hoop : summertime126 
1146jesca hoop : intelligentactile 101126 
1147jenny lewis with the watson twins : rabbit fur coat126 
1148jen foster : ready to go126 
1149jem : 24126 
1150janis joplin : me and bobby mcgee126 
1151jane monheit : please be kind126 
1152itzhak perlman : londonderry air - trad (arranged kreisler)126 
1153indigo girls : down by the river126 
1154imogen heap : shine126 
1155holly valance : kiss kiss126 
1156holly near : gracias a la vida126 
1157holly cole : larger than life126 
1158hem : (the angels wanna wear my) red shoes126 
1159heather nova : virus of the mind126 
1160heartless bastards : done got old126 
1161gretchen wilson : rebel child126 
1162gretchen wilson : politically uncorrect126 
1163gretchen wilson : california girls126 
1164gram rabbit : land of jail126 
1165gram rabbit : bloody bunnies (superficiality)126 
1166gordon lightfoot : if you could read my mind126 
1167gordon lightfoot : i'm not sayin'/ribbon of darkness126 
1168gillian welch : whiskey girl126 
1169gillian welch : one monkey126 
1170george strait : wrapped126 
1171gabriel faure : berceuse, op. 16126 
1172frédéric chopin : grande valse brillante126 
1173frank sinatra : you do something to me126 
1174frank sinatra : they can't take that away from me126 
1175frank sinatra : summer wind126 
1176frank sinatra : love and marriage126 
1177frank sinatra : lean baby126 
1178frank sinatra : if i had you126 
1179frank sinatra : have yourself a merry little christmas126 
1180france gall : evidemment126 
1181france gall : babacar126 
1182fleetwood mac : never going back again126 
1183fleetwood mac : i don't want to know126 
1184fleetwood mac : dreams126 
1185fleetwood mac : don't stop126 
1186fiona apple : limp126 
1187finian's rainbow cast : the begat126 
1188feist : tout doucement126 
1189erin mckeown : the little cowboy126 
1190erin mckeown : cou cou126 
1191erin bode : i walk a little faster126 
1192erik satie : gymnopedie no.3126 
1193eric clapton : lay down sally126 
1194enzo enzo : cinema cinema126 
1195ella fitzgerald : oh, lady be good!126 
1196elizabeth and the catapult : momma's boy126 
1197eliza gilkyson : twisted126 
1198eliza gilkyson : bellarosa126 
1199eleni mandell : sun's always shining (in rome)126 
1200eleni mandell : nightmare song126 
1201eleni mandell : moonglow, lamp low126 
1202eleni mandell : he thinks he's in love126 
1203eleni mandell : girls126 
1204eleni mandell : don't say you care126 
1205eleni mandell : action is action126 
1206edie brickell : rush around126 
1207eddie from ohio : great day126 
1208dorothy dandridge : i've grown accustomed to your face126 
1209doris day : that certain party w bing crosby126 
1210don walser : please help me i'm falling126 
1211dj bobo : chihuahua126 
1212dixie chicks : lullaby126 
1213dixie chicks : godspeed (sweet dreams)126 
1214dixie chicks : easy silence126 
1215dido : thank you126 
1216diana krall : the look of love126 
1217diana krall : i've grown accustomed to his face126 
1218diana krall : cry me a river126 
1219diana krall : boulevard of broken dreams126 
1220delbert mcclinton : nothing personal126 
1221delbert mcclinton : money honey126 
1222deep blue something : breakfast at tiffany's126 
1223dean martin : ain't that a kick in the head126 
1224dave's true story : kiss me quick126 
1225dave's true story : just like tom thumb's blues126 
1226dave's true story : chasin' the white line down126 
1227dar williams : farewell to the old me126 
1228danielle peck : honky tonky time126 
1229crosby, stills, nash and young : marrakesh express126 
1230crosby, stills and nash : teach your children w bogguss, krauss, mattea126 
1231cowboy junkies : encore: powderfinger (wxrt hall of fame performance)126 
1232cowboy junkies : don't need you126 
1233counting crows : mr. jones126 
1234chet baker : like someone in love126 
1235catie curtis : water and stone126 
1236catie curtis : people look around126 
1237catie curtis : hard time with goobyes126 
1238catie curtis : find you now126 
1239carrie newcomer : you can choose126 
1240carrie newcomer : when it's gone it's gone126 
1241carrie newcomer : the moon over tucson126 
1242carrie newcomer : the gathering of spirits w alison krauss126 
1243caro emerald : riviera life126 
1244camille : senza126 
1245camille : pour que l'amour me quitte126 
1246camille : mon petit vieux126 
1247camille : le sac des filles126 
1248buck owens : act naturally126 
1249bruce springsteen : tenth avenue freeze-out126 
1250bruce springsteen : secret garden126 
1251bruce springsteen : o mary don't you weep126 
1252bruce springsteen : girls in their summer clothes126 
1253bright eyes : first day of my life126 
1254booker t. and the m.g.'s : green onions126 
1255bob dylan : desolation row126 
1256bob dylan : ain't talkin'126 
1257blossom dearie : when in rome126 
1258blossom dearie : thou swell126 
1259blondie : heart of glass126 
1260blondie : call me126 
1261bitter:sweet : dirty laundry126 
1262bing crosby : i'll be home for christmas126 
1263bing crosby : christmas in killarney126 
1264billy joel : scenes from an italian restaurant126 
1265balkan beat box : hermetico126 
1266bachman-turner overdrive : you ain't seen nothing yet126 
1267bachman-turner overdrive : sledgehammer126 
1268bachman-turner overdrive : hey you126 
1269baaba maal and sabina sciubba : television126 
1270aslyn : lemon love126 
1271arturo sandoval : tito126 
1272anya marina : clean and sober126 
1273antonio vivaldi : l'inverno - 1. allegro non molto126 
1274antigone rising : you're the reason126 
1275ani difranco : work your way out126 
1276ani difranco : superhero126 
1277ani difranco : fuel126 
1278ani difranco : 32 flavors126 
1279amy speace : two ships126 
1280amy speace : fairytale126 
1281allison moorer : yessirree126 
1282allison moorer : the one that got away (got away with my heart)126 
1283allison moorer : alabama song126 
1284albert lee : luxury liner w brad paisley, vince gill126 
1285alan jackson : the sounds126 
1286alan jackson : right on the money126 
1287alan jackson : dallas126 
1288aimee mann : nothing is good enough126 
1289aimee mann : i'll be home for christmas126 
1290aimee mann : goodbye caroline126 
1291a fine frenzy : almost lover (remix edit)126 
1292zizi possi : isla para dos115 
1293woody guthrie : dust can't kill me115 
1294wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 25 in g minor, kv 183 1. allegro con brio115 
1295wings : band on the run115 
1296wilco : the t.b. is whipping me w syd straw115 
1297vaya con dios : johnny115 
1298tracy chapman : talkin' bout a revolution115 
1299tom waits : tom traubert´s blues (four sheets to the wind in copenhagen)115 
1300tom waits : misery is the river of the world115 
1301tift merritt : late night pilgrim115 
1302thelonious monk : rhythm-a-ning115 
1303thea gilmore : this girl is taking bets115 
1304thea gilmore : rags and bones115 
1305thea gilmore : don't come close115 
1306thea gilmore : bad idea115 
1307the weavers : kumbaya115 
1308the wailin' jennys : firecracker115 
1309the wailin' jennys : apocalypse lullaby115 
1310the shins : baby boomerang115 
1311the rolling stones : tumbling dice115 
1312the rolling stones : stop breaking down115 
1313the rolling stones : shake your hips115 
1314the rolling stones : loving cup115 
1315the roches : come softly115 
1316the raconteurs : old enough115 
1317the lisa marr experiment : two songs115 
1318the lisa marr experiment : little red bird115 
1319the ginn sisters : let it burn115 
1320the ginn sisters : another sleepless night115 
1321the eagles : tequila sunrise115 
1322the duhks : heaven's my home115 
1323the ditty bops : walk or ride115 
1324the ditty bops : unfortunate few115 
1325the ditty bops : pale yellow115 
1326the ditty bops : ohh la la115 
1327the ditty bops : bye bye love115 
1328the ditty bops : breeze black night115 
1329the band : life is a carnival115 
1330the band : get up, jake115 
1331terri clark : better things to do115 
1332tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: sugarplum fairy and cavalier pas de deux115 
1333tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act i: grandfather's dance115 
1334tchaikovsky : act ii/13.danses des cygnes : a) tempo di valse115 
1335tchaikovsky : act i/scene - allegro giusto115 
1336tchaikovsky : act i/pas de deux : a)tempo di valse, ma non troppo vivo, quasi moderato115 
1337taylor swift : tim mcgraw115 
1338taylor swift : picture to burn115 
1339talking heads : stay up late115 
1340tab benoit : kiddin' me115 
1341swati : 2 o'clock in the am115 
1342suzy bogguss : take it to the limit115 
1343suzanne vega : gypsy115 
1344susan werner : petaluma afternoons115 
1345sugarland : steve earle115 
1346sugarland : stay115 
1347sugarland : it happens115 
1348sugarland : all i want to do115 
1349steve earle : you're still standing there w lucinda williams115 
1350steve earle : the revolution starts now115 
1351stephen sondheim : i'm still here (from "follies")115 
1352sophie milman : this time of the year115 
1353sophie milman : the man i love115 
1354sophie milman : ochi chernye (dark eyes)115 
1355sophie milman : my baby just cares for me115 
1356sophie milman : i can't make you love me115 
1357sophie milman : agua de beber115 
1358sonya kitchell : let me go115 
1359sons of the san joaquin : sierra nevada115 
1360solomon burke : what am i living for115 
1361sinead o'connor : nothing compares 2 u115 
1362sheryl crow : strong enough115 
1363sheryl crow : motivation115 
1364sheryl crow : hard to make a stand115 
1365shelby lynne : your lies115 
1366shelby lynne : you're the man115 
1367shelby lynne : things are tough all over115 
1368shelby lynne : one with the sun115 
1369shelby lynne : i'm alive115 
1370shelby lynne : i'll lie myself to sleep115 
1371shelby lynne : baby115 
1372shawn colvin : window to the world115 
1373shawn colvin : sunny came home115 
1374shaver : if i give my soul (with brother phelps)115 
1375sharon jones and the dap-kings : 100 days, 100 nights115 
1376shania twain : you're still the one115 
1377shania twain : i'm holdin' on to love (to save my life)115 
1378sergei prokofiev : romeo and juliet, op.64 - act 1 - 13. dance of the knights115 
1379sarah slean : vertigo115 
1380sarah mclachlan : sweet surrender115 
1381sarah mclachlan : stupid115 
1382sarah mclachlan : song for a winter's night115 
1383sarah mclachlan : perfect girl115 
1384sarah mclachlan : christmas time is here w diana krall115 
1385sara groves : it's me115 
1386santana : smooth w rob thomas115 
1387rosemary clooney : sisters115 
1388richie havens : here comes the sun115 
1389rich o'brien : wheels115 
1390regina spektor : somedays115 
1391regina spektor : pavlov's daughter115 
1392regina spektor : folding chair115 
1393rebekah florence : heyday hairdo115 
1394rebekah florence : don't pee on my leg (and tell me it's rainin')115 
1395reba mcentire : somebody115 
1396reba mcentire : does he love you w linda davis115 
1397ray charles : you don't know me w diana krall115 
1398ray charles : somewhere over the rainbow115 
1399randy travis : deeper than the holler115 
1400queen : bohemian rhapsody115 
1401psapp : about fun115 
1402po' girl : malaise days115 
1403pink martini : tempo perdido115 
1404pink : trouble115 
1405pink : dear mr. president featuring indigo girls115 
1406phantom planet : california 2005115 
1407petula clark and tommy steele : something sort of grandish115 
1408persephone's bees : nice day115 
1409peggy lee : is that all there is?115 
1410pauline ester : il fait chaud115 
1411paula cole : i don't want to wait115 
1412patty griffin : rain115 
1413patty griffin : peter pan115 
1414patty griffin : fly115 
1415patsy cline : your cheatin' heart115 
1416patsy cline : walkin' after midnight115 
1417patsy cline : she's got you115 
1418ollabelle : dream the fall115 
1419ollabelle : before this time115 
1420ojos de brujo : feedback115 
1421norah jones : what am i to you115 
1422norah jones : turn me on115 
1423nirvana : smells like teen spirit115 
1424neneh cherry : heart115 
1425neko case : lion's jaws115 
1426neil young : when god made me115 
1427neil young : this old guitar115 
1428nanci griffith : walk right back115 
1429nanci griffith : so long ago115 
1430nanci griffith : listen to the radio115 
1431nanci griffith : canadian whiskey115 
1432missy higgins : they weren't there115 
1433miranda lambert : girl like me (bonus track)115 
1434miles davis : concierto de aranjuez (part one)115 
1435michelle shocked : give a little whistle115 
1436merle haggard : workin' man blues115 
1437merle haggard : reasons to quit w willie nelson115 
1438merle haggard : chicago wind115 
1439melissa ferrick : north carolina115 
1440melissa ferrick : moses * written by patti griffin115 
1441melissa ferrick : blind side115 
1442melissa etheridge : cry baby / piece of my heart w joss stone115 
1443me first and the gimme gimmes : one tin soldier115 
1444maura o'connell : trouble in the fields115 
1445maura o'connell : sunnyshine day115 
1446maura o'connell : first you cry115 
1447mary chapin carpenter : down at the twist and shout115 
1448mary black : the holy ground115 
1449marte wulff : carousel (of love)115 
1450maria muldaur : lay baby lay (lay lady lay)115 
1451marcia ball : louella115 
1452lyle lovett : her first mistake115 
1453lyle lovett : fiona115 
1454lyle lovett : closing time115 
1455ludwig van beethoven : symphony no. 5 in c minor, op. 67: i. allegro con brio115 
1456lucinda williams : reason to cry115 
1457lucinda williams : people talkin'115 
1458lucinda williams : out of touch115 
1459lucinda williams : bus to baton rouge115 
1460lucinda williams : american dream115 
1461low stars : calling all friends115 
1462lorrie morgan : us girls115 
1463lorrie morgan : the wedding115 
1464lorrie morgan : rocks115 
1465lorrie morgan : go away115 
1466lori mckenna : pink sweater115 
1467loretta lynn : wildwood flower115 
1468liz phair : why can't i? (itunes originals version)115 
1469liz phair : supernova115 
1470liz phair : cinco de mayo115 
1471lila downs : tirineni tsïtsiki115 
1472les paul : dream dust115 
1473leona naess : calling115 
1474leo kottke : jack gets up115 
1475lene lovich : lucky number115 
1476led zeppelin : whole lotta love115 
1477led zeppelin : the lemon song115 
1478led zeppelin : that's the way (almost famous)115 
1479led zeppelin : thank you115 
1480led zeppelin : tangerine115 
1481led zeppelin : moby dick115 
1482led zeppelin : living loving maid [she's just a woman]115 
1483led zeppelin : immigrant song115 
1484led zeppelin : heartbreaker115 
1485led zeppelin : good times, bad times115 
1486led zeppelin : communication breakdown115 
1487led zeppelin : all my love115 
1488laura cantrell : churches off the interstate115 
1489laura cantrell : bees115 
1490kumbia kings : na na na (dulce nina)115 
1491kris delmhorst : weatherman115 
1492kris delmhorst : wasted word115 
1493kris delmhorst : tavern115 
1494kris delmhorst : since you went away115 
1495kris delmhorst : pretty how town115 
1496kris delmhorst : mean old wind115 
1497kris delmhorst : everything is music115 
1498kelly willis : bang bang115 
1499kelly hogan : no, bobby don't115 
1500katrina and the waves : walking on sunshine115 
1501kasey chambers : you make me sing115 
1502kasey chambers : nothing at all115 
1503kasey chambers : i still pray115 
1504kasey chambers : freight train115 
1505kasey chambers : don't talk back115 
1506julieta venegas : limón y sal115 
1507julie roberts : the chance115 
1508julie roberts : all i want is you115 
1509julie london : you and the night and the music115 
1510julie london : two sleepy people115 
1511julie london : i left my heart in san francisco115 
1512julie london : (i left my heart in) san francisco115 
1513judy garland : swanee115 
1514judy collins : la chanson des vieux amants115 
1515juana molina : rio seco115 
1516joni mitchell : raised on robbery115 
1517jolie holland : stubborn beast115 
1518jolie holland : goodbye california115 
1519johnny cash : sea of heartbreak115 
1520johnny cash : in the sweet bye and bye115 
1521johnny cash : i've been everywhere115 
1522johnny cash : delia's gone115 
1523john williams : main title / rebel blockade runner115 
1524john prine : lake marie115 
1525john prine : fish and whistle115 
1526john mellencamp : walk tall115 
1527johannes brahms : ein deutsches requiem - allegro115 
1528johann sebastian bach : jesu, joy of man's desiring115 
1529johann sebastian bach : fugue in d minor115 
1530joan jett and the blackhearts : turn it around115 
1531joan jett and the blackhearts : tulane115 
1532joan jett and the blackhearts : fetish115 
1533joan jett and the blackhearts : baby blue115 
1534joan jett and the blackhearts : androgynous115 
1535joan jett and the blackhearts : ac/dc115 
1536jimmie dale gilmore : i'm so lonesome i could cry115 
1537jimmie dale gilmore : crazy w willie nelson115 
1538jill cunniff : future call115 
1539jenny owen youngs : fuck was i (album version)115 
1540jenny owen youngs : fuck was i115 
1541jennifer o'connor : i’ll bring you home115 
1542jennifer hanson : little dreamer115 
1543jen trynin : if i115 
1544jen foster : used black cars (acoustic)115 
1545jefferson airplane : white rabbit115 
1546jean-jacques goldman : a nos actes manqués115 
1547jaymay : sea green, see blue115 
1548jane monheit : twisted115 
1549jane monheit : it never entered my mind115 
1550iris dement : wasteland of the free115 
1551iris dement : our town115 
1552indigo girls : world falls115 
1553indigo girls : ghost115 
1554india.arie : brown skin115 
1555holly cole : alley cat song115 
1556hole : violet115 
1557hem : the beautiful sea115 
1558heather nova : when somebody turns you on115 
1559heartless bastards : valley of debris115 
1560heartless bastards : pass and fail115 
1561heartless bastards : finding solutions115 
1562heartless bastards : brazen115 
1563harry belafonte : come back liza115 
1564gwen stefani : rich girl115 
1565gretchen wilson featuring john rich : come to bed (featuring john rich)115 
1566greta gaines : purple jesus115 
1567green day : boulevard of broken dreams115 
1568green day : basket case115 
1569gordon lightfoot : rainy day people115 
1570gordon lightfoot : for lovin' me/did she mention my name115 
1571gordon lightfoot : early morning rain115 
1572gordon lightfoot : bitter green115 
1573goldfrapp : number 1115 
1574goldfrapp : black cherry115 
1575gloria estefan : si voy a perderte115 
1576giuseppe verdi : nabucco: act iii - chorus of the hebrew slaves115 
1577girlyman : speechless115 
1578girlyman : montpelier115 
1579gillian welch : wrecking ball115 
1580george strait : that's my kind of woman115 
1581george strait : i just want to dance with you115 
1582george strait : all my ex's live in texas115 
1583george jones : white lightning (with mark knopfler)115 
1584george frederick handel : ev'ry vallery115 
1585garth brooks : friends in low places115 
1586gabriel faure : pelleas et melisande, op. 80 (use): iii. sicilienne115 
1587gabriel faure : dolly suite, op. 56 (arr. by h. rabaud): v. tendresse115 
1588frédéric chopin : waltz in c-sharp minor115 
1589frédéric chopin : polonaise no. 6 in a flat 'heroic' op. 53115 
1590frank sinatra : love is here to stay115 
1591frank sinatra : it happened in monterey115 
1592frank sinatra : i'm a fool to want you115 
1593frank sinatra : french foreign legion115 
1594fountains of wayne : hey julie115 
1595fleetwood mac : tusk115 
1596felix mendelssohn - lillian watson/delia wallis/finchley children's music group/london symphony/andré previn : a midsummer night's dream - incidental music opp. 21 and 61 (1985 digital remaster): overture, op. 21115 
1597feist : mushaboom115 
1598erin mckeown : melody115 
1599erin mckeown : a better wife115 
1600enzo enzo : a donde voy ?115 
1601elizabeth cotten : shake sugaree115 
1602eliza gilkyson : milk and honey115 
1603eleni mandell : nickel plated man115 
1604eleni mandell : make-out king115 
1605eleni mandell : i believe in spring115 
1606eleni mandell : easy on your way out115 
1607eleni mandell : dreamboat115 
1608eleni mandell : 1970 red chevelle115 
1609edward elgar : pomp and circumstance march no. 1 in d op. 39 no. 1 (1986 digital remaster)115 
1610edie brickell : oak cliff bra115 
1611ebben? ne andrò lontana : la wally115 
1612eartha kitt : i want to be evil115 
1613eartha kitt : a woman wouldn't be a woman (from "shinbone alley")115 
1614dwight yoakam : little sister115 
1615dwight yoakam : i sang dixie115 
1616duke ellington : take the 'a' train115 
1617dressy bessy : the things that you say that you do115 
1618dressy bessy : new song (from me to you)115 
1619dressy bessy : just once more115 
1620doris day : somebody loves me115 
1621doris day : just one of those things115 
1622doris day : a guy is a guy115 
1623don edwards : the streets of laredo115 
1624dolly parton : where have all the flowers gone w norah jones, lee ann womack115 
1625dixie chicks : ready to run115 
1626dixie chicks : heartbreak town115 
1627dixie chicks : favorite year115 
1628dixie chicks : baby hold on115 
1629dinah washington : teach me tonight (1988 compilation version)115 
1630diana krall : i'm walkin' (bonus track)115 
1631diana krall : i'm an errand girl for rhythm115 
1632diana krall : i was doing all right115 
1633diana krall : i don't know enough about you115 
1634diana krall : have yourself a merry little christmas115 
1635diana krall : east of the sun (and west of the moon)115 
1636diana krall : devil may care115 
1637delbert mcclinton : you were never mine115 
1638delbert mcclinton : won't be me115 
1639delbert mcclinton : i had a real good time115 
1640delbert mcclinton : gotta get it worked on115 
1641dave brubeck : koto song115 
1642dar williams : beautiful enemy115 
1643danni leigh : i don't feel that way anymore115 
1644crosby, stills, nash and young : teach your children115 
1645cowboy junkies : you're missing115 
1646cowboy junkies : someone out there115 
1647cowboy junkies : good friday115 
1648corinne bailey rae : like a star115 
1649chumbawamba : tubthumping115 
1650chris webster : tumble into love115 
1651chris webster : candybars and freedom115 
1652chris isaak : worked it out wrong w shelby lynne115 
1653chet baker : somewhere over the rainbow115 
1654chet atkins : the third man theme115 
1655chely wright : never love you enough115 
1656catie curtis : wise to the ways115 
1657catie curtis : what's the matter115 
1658cat power : lived in bars115 
1659carrie newcomer : threads115 
1660carrie newcomer : bowling baby115 
1661carole laure : danse avant de tomber115 
1662carmen mcrae : something to live for115 
1663carly simon : mockingbird115 
1664carla bruni : tout le monde115 
1665carla bruni : l'excessive115 
1666camille : elle s'en va115 
1667bruce springsteen : secret garden (jerry maguire mix)115 
1668bruce springsteen : maria's bed115 
1669brandi carlile : turpentine115 
1670bonnie raitt : runaway115 
1671bob dylan : tangled up in blue115 
1672bob dylan : shelter from the storm115 
1673bob dylan : nettie moore115 
1674bob dylan : knockin' on heaven's door115 
1675bob dylan : it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry115 
1676bob dylan : highway 61 revisited115 
1677blossom dearie : the surrey with the fringe on top w les blue stars115 
1678blondie : i touch myself115 
1679blaine larsen : lips of a bottle (duet with gretchen wilson)115 
1680bitter:sweet : heaven115 
1681billy miles : sunshine115 
1682billie holiday : what a little moonlight can do115 
1683billie holiday : solitude115 
1684billie holiday : body and soul115 
1685beth orton : sweetest decline115 
1686barbra streisand : cry me a river115 
1687astrud gilberto : trains and boats and planes115 
1688astrud gilberto : it might as well be spring (1964) [studio]115 
1689astrud gilberto : fly me to the moon115 
1690arthur freed, denny markas : you and i 115 
1691anya marina : rommy's pants115 
1692anya marina : lovesick115 
1693antonio vivaldi : la primavera - 1. allegro115 
1694antonio carlos jobim : águas de março115 
1695anna nalick : catalyst115 
1696ani difranco : the whole night115 
1697ani difranco : talk to me now115 
1698ani difranco : rockabye115 
1699angélique kidjo : n'yin wan nou we115 
1700ane brun : song no.6115 
1701ana gabriel : no tengo dinero115 
1702amy correia : coney island, usa115 
1703amanda wilkinson : no more me and you115 
1704alison krauss : i will115 
1705alison krauss : every time you say goodbye115 
1706alison krauss : down to the river to pray115 
1707alice cooper : how you gonna see me now115 
1708alan jackson : usa today115 
1709alan jackson : there ya go115 
1710alan jackson : love's got a hold on you115 
1711alan jackson : if love was a river115 
1712alan jackson : chasin' that neon rainbow115 
1713alan jackson : a little bluer than that115 
1714al green : let's stay together115 
1715aimee mann : the moth115 
1716aimee mann : king of the jailhouse115 
1717adrienne young : don't get weary115 
1718adolphe adam : variation de giselle115 
1719adele : crazy for you115 
1720abigail washburn : sometimes115 
17218½ souvenirs : cone di115 
1722 mac wiseman : old dogs, children and watermelon wine115 
1723 juanes : te busque (full spanish version)115 
1724 eric clapton : last will and testament115 
1725wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 40, k550 in g minor ii. andante105 
1726willie nelson : maria (shut up and kiss me)105 
1727willie nelson : amazing grace105 
1728vaya con dios : don't cry for louie105 
1729travis tritt : t-r-o-u-b-l-e105 
1730tori amos : past the mission105 
1731tom waits : danny says105 
1732toby keith : stays in mexico105 
1733tiziano ferro : perdona105 
1734tilly and the wall : sing songs along105 
1735theresa andersson : it's gonna be ok105 
1736thelonious monk : nice work if you can get it105 
1737thea gilmore : sugar105 
1738thea gilmore : inverigo105 
1739the white stripes : fell in love with a girl105 
1740the waifs : love serenade105 
1741the rolling stones : torn and frayed105 
1742the rolling stones : sweet black angel105 
1743the rolling stones : shine a light105 
1744the rolling stones : let it loose105 
1745the rolling stones : happy105 
1746the rolling stones : before they make me run105 
1747the puppini sisters : sway105 
1748the puppini sisters : jeepers creepers105 
1749the police : every little thing she does is magic105 
1750the parachute club : equal/equally105 
1751the mcguire sisters : muskrat ramble105 
1752the mcguire sisters : goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight105 
1753the mcguire sisters : 's wonderful105 
1754the little willies : lou reed105 
1755the lisa marr experiment : slaughterhouse ceiling105 
1756the lisa marr experiment : shooting stars105 
1757the lisa marr experiment : little sugar105 
1758the lisa marr experiment : i've given up105 
1759the judds : grandpa (tell me 'bout the good old days)105 
1760the eagles : life in the fast lane105 
1761the beatles : hello, goodbye105 
1762the be good tanyas : back back train105 
1763the band : twilight105 
1764tegan and sara : you wouldn't like me105 
1765tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: sugarplum fairy105 
1766tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: finale105 
1767tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act i: marie's dream105 
1768tanya tucker : tell me about it105 
1769tanya tucker : delta dawn105 
1770tanita tikaram : twist in my sobriety105 
1771suzy bogguss : no good way to go105 
1772suzy bogguss : heartache105 
1773susan tedeschi : angel from montgomery105 
1774stuart mclean - the vinyl cafe : while shepherds watched their flocks by night105 
1775sophie milman : back home to me105 
1776sonya kitchell : no matter what105 
1777sons of the san joaquin : a cowboy's heart is in the saddle105 
1778solomon burke : please send me someone to love105 
1779shelby lynne : thought it would be easier105 
1780shelby lynne : sleep105 
1781shelby lynne : lonesome105 
1782shelby lynne : feelin' kind of lonely tonight105 
1783sergei prokofiev : romeo et juliette, danse des chevaliers105 
1784serena ryder : just another day105 
1785scott joplin : the entertainer105 
1786sarah vaughan : my man105 
1787sarah mclachlan : possession105 
1788sarah harmer : basement apt.105 
1789sarah connor : bounce105 
1790sara groves : different kinds of happy105 
1791sara evans : a real fine place to start105 
1792santana : put your lights on w everlast105 
1793sam cooke : you send me105 
1794salty bite : black olive105 
1795rodney crowell : standing on a rock105 
1796rod stewart : you're in my heart105 
1797regina spektor : samson105 
1798rebecca lynn howard : forgive105 
1799rachael yamagata : blame on me w toots and the maytals105 
1800quincy coleman : don't go away105 
1801psapp : tiger, my friend105 
1802pretenders : saving grace105 
1803pink : humble neighborhoods105 
1804persephone's bees : walk to the moon105 
1805peggy sue : pupils blink105 
1806peggy lee : the alley cat song105 
1807peggy lee : happy holiday105 
1808patty griffin : mil besos105 
1809outlandish : aicha105 
1810ollabelle : last lullaby105 
1811ollabelle : high on a mountain105 
1812ollabelle : gentle annie105 
1813ollabelle : everything is broken105 
1814ojos de brujo : tanguillo de maría105 
1815ojos de brujo : sultanas de merkaillo105 
1816oasis : half the world away105 
1817norah jones : until the end105 
1818norah jones : the nearness of you105 
1819norah jones : the long way home105 
1820norah jones : painter song105 
1821norah jones : not too late105 
1822norah jones : i've got to see you again105 
1823nicole mckenna : shameless105 
1824neil young : it's a dream105 
1825nat king cole : the christmas song105 
1826nat king cole : o tannenbaum105 
1827nanci griffith : the wing and the wheel105 
1828nanci griffith : outbound plane105 
1829nanci griffith : old hanoi105 
1830nanci griffith : i don't wanna talk about love105 
1831nanci griffith : from a distance105 
1832nanci griffith : don't forget about me105 
1833miranda lambert : desperation105 
1834melody gardot : my one and only thrill105 
1835melissa mcclelland : white lies (stranded in suburbia)105 
1836melissa ferrick : the stranger105 
1837melissa ferrick : don't say goodbye105 
1838martina mcbride : i love you (runaway bride)105 
1839maria mckee : can't pull the wool down (over the little lamb's eyes)105 
1840madonna : justify my love105 
1841madeleine peyroux : this is heaven to me105 
1842madeleine peyroux : i'll look around105 
1843madeleine peyroux : heaven to me105 
1844madeleine peyroux : half the perfect world105 
1845madeleine peyroux : got you on my mind105 
1846madeleine peyroux : flambee montalbanese105 
1847madeleine peyroux : california rain105 
1848lynyrd skynyrd : sweet home alabama105 
1849ludwig van beethoven : für elise105 
1850lucinda williams : blue105 
1851lucinda williams : are you down105 
1852lori mckenna : mars105 
1853lori mckenna : if you ask105 
1854liz phair : canary105 
1855liz phair : can't get out of what i'm into105 
1856lisa loeb : do you sleep?105 
1857lila downs : soy pescador105 
1858lila downs : la iguana105 
1859les paul and mary ford : tiger rag105 
1860les paul : what are you doing new year's eve? w dick haymes105 
1861les paul : my future just passed w dick haymes105 
1862lene lovich : telepathy105 
1863lene lovich : one lonely heart105 
1864led zeppelin : you shook me105 
1865led zeppelin : i can't quit you baby105 
1866laura cantrell : yonder comes a freight train105 
1867laura cantrell : roll truck roll105 
1868kenny chesney : no shoes, no shirt, no problems105 
1869kelly hogan : sugarbowl105 
1870keely smith : when your lover has gone105 
1871kay starr : wheel of fortune105 
1872katie melua : just like heaven105 
1873junior brown : long walk back to san antone105 
1874june carter cash : the far side banks of jordan (w. johnny cash)105 
1875june carter cash : ring of fire105 
1876julie roberts : smile105 
1877julie roberts : if you had called yesterday105 
1878julie london : the end of the world105 
1879julie london : fly me to the moon105 
1880juanes : a dios le pido105 
1881joss stone : for the love of you105 
1882joni mitchell : help me105 
1883jolie holland : mehitabel's blues105 
1884johnny cash : the wall105 
1885johnny cash : sunday morning coming down105 
1886johnny cash : ring of fire105 
1887johnny cash : long legged guitar pickin' man w june carter105 
1888johnny cash : home of the blues105 
1889johnny cash : flushed from the bathroom of your heart105 
1890johnny cash : farther along105 
1891john mellencamp : small town105 
1892john anderson : heartache tonight105 
1893johann sebastian bach : suite no 1 bwv 812 d minor 1: allemande105 
1894johann sebastian bach : presto105 
1895joan morris and william bolcom : i wonder who's kissing her now105 
1896joan jett and the blackhearts : secret love105 
1897joan baez : there but for fortune105 
1898joan baez : let us break bread together/freedom105 
1899jo dee messina : silver thunderbird105 
1900jo dee messina : lesson in leavin'105 
1901jimmie dale gilmore : ramblin man105 
1902jesse denatale : montgomery st.105 
1903jesse denatale : lucinda105 
1904jenny owen youngs : hot in herre105 
1905jenny lewis with the watson twins : run devil run105 
1906jen trynin : bore me105 
1907jen foster : web of roses (acoustic)105 
1908jem : they105 
1909janis joplin : mercedes benz105 
1910jane monheit : tea for two105 
1911jane monheit : over the rainbow105 
1912jane monheit : just squeeze me105 
1913jane monheit : hit the road to dreamland105 
1914holly cole : soldiers things105 
1915holly cole : make it go away105 
1916hem : tennessee waltz105 
1917hem : living without you105 
1918heartless bastards : swamp song105 
1919harry belafonte : mama look a boo boo105 
1920gretchen wilson : redneck woman105 
1921giuseppe verdi : il trovatore: act ii - anvil chorus "vedi! le fosche"105 
1922giuseppe verdi - the philadelphia orchestra, philharmonia virtuosi : grand march from aida (act ii, scene 2)105 
1923george strait : check yes or no105 
1924george frederick handel : for unto us a child is born105 
1925frank sinatra : we'll be together again105 
1926frank sinatra : the way you look tonight105 
1927frank sinatra : strangers in the night105 
1928frank sinatra : old devil moon105 
1929frank sinatra : makin' whoopee105 
1930frank sinatra : let's get away from it all105 
1931frank sinatra : jingle bells105 
1932frank sinatra : i'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter105 
1933france gall : diego libre dans sa tête105 
1934fiona apple : please please please105 
1935faith hill : wild one105 
1936everlast : what it's like105 
1937everlast : lonely road105 
1938evanescence : taking over me105 
1939evanescence : good enough105 
1940eric clapton : tears in heaven105 
1941eliza gilkyson : borderline105 
1942eleni mandell : to dream of sarah105 
1943eleni mandell : say goodbye105 
1944eleni mandell : just a dream105 
1945eleni mandell : i've been fooled105 
1946eleni mandell : closer to him105 
1947eleni mandell : alien eye105 
1948edward elgar : pomp and circumstance march no. 3 in c minor op. 39 no. 3 (1986 digital remaster)105 
1949edie brickell : what i am105 
1950eddie from ohio : the best of me105 
1951dwight yoakam : trains and boats and planes105 
1952dwight yoakam : honky tonk man105 
1953dorothy dandridge : smooth operator105 
1954dixie chicks : the long way around105 
1955dixie chicks : long time gone105 
1956dixie chicks : let 'er rip105 
1957dixie chicks : bitter end105 
1958dinah washington : cry me a river105 
1959diana krall : willow weep for me105 
1960diana krall : maybe you'll be there105 
1961diana krall : i'm just a lucky so and so105 
1962diana krall : day in day out105 
1963diana krall : 's wonderful105 
1964des'ree : you gotta be105 
1965dean martin : that's amore105 
1966danni leigh : little things105 
1967cyndi lauper : money changes everything105 
1968creedence clearwater revival : down on the corner105 
1969cowboy junkies : misguided angel105 
1970cowboy junkies : 'cause cheap is how i feel105 
1971counting crows : big yellow taxi w vanessa carlton105 
1972circe link : blue bird tattoo105 
1973charlotte martin : pills105 
1974cathy fink and marcy marxer : voice on the wind105 
1975cathy fink and marcy marxer : valse a django105 
1976cathy fink and marcy marxer : survivors of the storm105 
1977cassandra wilson : waters of march105 
1978cassandra wilson : closer to you105 
1979carrie newcomer : my father's only son105 
1980carrie newcomer : love is wide105 
1981caro emerald : a night like this105 
1982carmen mcrae : whatever lola wants105 
1983carla bruni : raphaël105 
1984carl orff : dance105 
1985camille : la demeure d'un ciel105 
1986camera obscura : knee deep at the npl105 
1987camera obscura : keep it clean105 
1988camera obscura : a sisters social agony105 
1989caitlin cary : empty rooms105 
1990buddy holly : that'll be the day w the crickets105 
1991buck owens : johnny b. goode105 
1992bruce springsteen : thunder road105 
1993bruce springsteen : paradise105 
1994bruce springsteen : devil's arcade105 
1995bruce springsteen : born in the u.s.a.105 
1996brazilian girls : never met a german105 
1997brandi carlile : tragedy105 
1998bonnie tyler : total eclipse of the heart105 
1999bob dylan : you're gonna make me lonesome when you go105 
2000bob dylan : mr. tambourine man105 
2001bob dylan : early morning rain105 
2002bob dylan : beyond the horizon105 
2003blossom dearie : little jazz bird105 
2004blossom dearie : give him the ooh-la-la105 
2005blossom dearie : charade105 
2006bing crosby : the first noel105 
2007billy joe shaver : ride me down easy105 
2008bebe : tu silencio105 
2009bebe : ska de la tierra105 
2010beach boys : good vibrations105 
2011barenaked ladies : easy105 
2012barbra streisand : down with love105 
2013atomic kitten : the tide is high105 
2014arturo sandoval : manteca105 
2015april stevens : i'm in love again105 
2016antonio vivaldi : l'inverno - 3. allegro105 
2017anna nalick : forever love (digame)105 
2018anita o'day : i get a kick out of you105 
2019animotion : obsession105 
2020ani difranco : rush hour105 
2021ani difranco : joyful girl105 
2022amy speace : restless105 
2023amy millan : wayward and parliament105 
2024alison balsom/alina ibragimova/alastair ross/mark caudle : trio sonata in c major bwv 529: allegro105  
2025alberta hunter : a good man is hard to find105 
2026alan jackson : first love105 
2027alan jackson : don't rock the jukebox105 
2028alan jackson : burnin' the honky tonks down105 
2029alabama 3 : woke up this morning (chosen one mix)105 
2030aimee mann : i was thinking i could clean up for christmas105 
2031aimee mann : deathly105 
2032adrienne young : plow to the end of the row105 
2033adrienne pierce : under that cloud105 
2034abigail washburn : coffee's cold105 
20358½ souvenirs : happy feet105 
2036zero 7 : in the waiting line (garden state soundtrack)94 
2037willie nelson : the troublemaker94 
2038willie nelson : on the road again94 
2039willie nelson : mendocino county line94 
2040willie nelson : home motel94 
2041willie nelson : blue eyes crying in the rain94 
2042willie nelson : big booty94 
2043willie nelson : angel flying too close to the ground (with patty griffin)94 
2044vaughan penn : almost perfect94 
2045various artists : sunrise, sunset94 
2046various artists : if i were a rich man94 
2047ty herndon : you can leave your hat on94 
2048trisha yearwood : wrong side of memphis94 
2049trisha yearwood : woman walk the line94 
2050trisha yearwood : she's in love with the boy94 
2051travis tritt : lord have mercy on the working man94 
2052travis tritt : here's a quarter (call someone who cares)94 
2053tracy byrd : the truth about men94 
2054tom waits : take care of all my children94 
2055tom waits : lullaby94 
2056tom waits : i hope that i don't fall in love with you94 
2057tom waits : cold water94 
2058tom waits : cold cold ground94 
2059tom cochrane : life is a highway94 
2060toby keith : beer for my horse94 
2061tish hinojosa : noche sin estrellas (night without stars)94 
2062tift merritt : wait it out94 
2063tift merritt : i am your tambourine94 
2064thelonious monk : off minor94 
2065thelonious monk : criss cross94 
2066thea gilmore : whistle and steam94 
2067thea gilmore : movie kisses94 
2068thea gilmore : eight months94 
2069thea gilmore : december in new york94 
2070the who : sparks94 
2071the white stripes : we're going to be friends94 
2072the white stripes : the same boy you've always known94 
2073the white stripes : screwdriver94 
2074the white stripes : ball and biscuit94 
2075the statler brothers : flowers on the wall94 
2076the rolling stones : rain fall down94 
2077the rolling stones : (i can't get no) satisfaction94 
2078the roches : lucky94 
2079the puppini sisters : panic94 
2080the nitty gritty dirt band and mother maybelle carter : wildwood flower w mother maybelle carter, earl scruggs, junior huskey94 
2081the nitty gritty dirt band : will the circle be unbroken94 
2082the nitty gritty dirt band : rippling waters94 
2083the lovin' spoonful : summer in the city94 
2084the lovin' spoonful : daydream94 
2085the little willies : night life94 
2086the lisa marr experiment : unemployment line94 
2087the lisa marr experiment : feelin' lucky94 
2088the la's : there she goes94 
2089the knack : my sharona94 
2090the duhks : four blue walls94 
2091the ditty bops : there's a girl94 
2092the congregation : amazing grace94 
2093the brady bunch : rudolph the red-nosed reindeer94 
2094the black crowes : go faster94 
2095the beatles : all my loving94 
2096the band : tears of rage94 
2097the andrews sisters : shoo shoo baby94 
2098the andrews sisters : ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive w bing crosby94 
2099the allman brothers band : jessica94 
2100terri clark : honky tonk song94 
2101tchaikovsky : symphony no.4 in f minor, op.36 - 4. finale (allegro con fuoco)94 
2102tchaikovsky : symphony no.4 in f minor, op.36 - 3. scherzo. pizzicato ostinato - allegro94 
2103tchaikovsky : nutcracker: overture94 
2104tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: marzipan94 
2105tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: coffee94 
2106tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: candy cane94 
2107tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act i: waltz of the snowflakes94 
2108tchaikovsky : act ii/13.danses des cygnes : d) allegro moderato94 
2109tchaikovsky : act i/scene - allegro moderato94 
2110tanita tikaram : good tradition94 
2111suzy bogguss : letting go94 
2112suzy bogguss : eat at joe's94 
2113susan tedeschi : loving you is sweeter than ever94 
2114stephen sondheim : i never do anything twice (from "the 7% solution")94 
2115sophie milman : rocket love94 
2116sophie milman : i feel pretty94 
2117sophie milman : guilty94 
2118sons of the san joaquin : the lord of the rollin' hills94 
2119sons of the san joaquin : the ballad of joaquin murrieta94 
2120sons of the san joaquin : it's the open range for me94 
2121sheryl crow : light in your eyes94 
2122shelby lynne : it might be me94 
2123shelby lynne : hey now little darlin'94 
2124shelby lynne : go with it94 
2125shelby lynne : don't get around much anymore94 
2126shelby lynne : 10 rocks94 
2127shawn colvin : that don't worry me now94 
2128shawn colvin : summer dress94 
2129shania twain : whose bed have your boots been under?94 
2130shakira : un poco de amor94 
2131sarah slean : your wish is my wish94 
2132sarah slean : when another midnight94 
2133sarah mclachlan : happy xmas (war is over)94 
2134sara evans : suds in the bucket94 
2135sara evans : i could not ask for more94 
2136sandrine kiberlain : loin derrière94 
2137rosie flores : it's over94 
2138rosemary clooney : give me the simple life94 
2139rod stewart : tonight's the night94 
2140rod stewart : maggie may94 
2141rod stewart : every picture tells a story94 
2142rilo kiley : capturing moods94 
2143rhonda vincent : jolene94 
2144regina spektor : summer in the city94 
2145regina spektor : ode to divorce94 
2146reba mcentire : how blue94 
2147ray stevens : witch doctor94 
2148rachael yamagata : known for years94 
2149psapp : rear moth94 
2150psapp : curuncula94 
2151psapp : chapter94 
2152po' girl : i've got time94 
2153philippe lafontaine : coeur de loup94 
2154phil vassar : just another day in paradise94 
2155persephone's bees : climbing94 
2156patty loveless : sounds of loneliness94 
2157patty loveless : blame it on your heart94 
2158patty griffin : making pies94 
2159patty griffin : be careful94 
2160patricia kaas : sans toi94 
2161patricia kaas : la vie en rose94 
2162pam grier : long time woman94 
2163omara portuondo : amor de mis amores94 
2164ollabelle : troubles of the world94 
2165ollabelle : northern star94 
2166ollabelle : gone today94 
2167ollabelle : get back temptation94 
2168ollabelle : can't nobody do me like jesus94 
2169ojos de brujo : ley de gravidad94 
2170norah jones : thinking about you94 
2171norah jones : the long day is over94 
2172norah jones : seven years94 
2173norah jones : rosie's lullaby94 
2174norah jones : one flight down94 
2175norah jones : nightingale94 
2176norah jones : lonestar94 
2177norah jones : in the morning 94 
2178norah jones : humble me94 
2179nina nastasia : if we go to the west94 
2180nelly : hot in herre94 
2181nelly : air force ones94 
2182nellie mckay : suitcase song94 
2183nellie mckay : ding dong94 
2184neko case : tightly94 
2185neko case : the tigers intro (spoken word)94 
2186nazareth : love hurts94 
2187natalie cole : unforgettable94 
2188nat king cole : the first noel94 
2189nat king cole : straighten up and fly right94 
2190nat king cole : stardust94 
2191nara leao : meditacao94 
2192nancy wilson : the best is yet to come94 
2193nanci griffith : summer wages94 
2194nanci griffith : if wishes were changes94 
2195nanci griffith : deadwood, south dakota94 
2196naked blue : pink hat94 
2197mountain : mississippi queen94 
2198miranda lambert : kerosene94 
2199miranda lambert : getting ready94 
2200merle haggard : honky tonkin'94 
2201melissa mcclelland : pretty blue94 
2202melissa ferrick : willing to wait94 
2203melissa ferrick : one year94 
2204melissa ferrick : nebraska94 
2205melissa ferrick : freedom94 
2206meat loaf : bat out of hell94 
2207martina mcbride : pick me up on your way down94 
2208madonna : like a virgin94 
2209madonna : la isla bonita94 
2210madeleine peyroux : no more94 
2211madeleine peyroux : muddy water94 
2212madeleine peyroux : instead94 
2213madeleine peyroux : back in your own back yard94 
2214madeleine peyroux : (getting some) fun out of life94 
2215lynyrd skynyrd : free bird94 
2216lyle lovett : she's already made up her mind94 
2217lyle lovett : if i were the man you wanted94 
2218lyle lovett : i'm going to the place94 
2219louis armstrong : lazy river94 
2220lori mckenna : hardly speaking a word94 
2221lori mckenna : don't tell her94 
2222loretta lynn : women's prison94 
2223loretta lynn : this old house94 
2224loretta lynn : these boots are made for walking94 
2225loretta lynn : high on a mountain94 
2226liz phair : wind and the mountain94 
2227linda ronstadt : lush life94 
2228lila downs : xquenda94 
2229lila downs : la llorona94 
2230lila downs : la cama de piedra94 
2231lila downs : dignificada94 
2232les paul and mary ford : mr. sandman94 
2233les paul : to you sweetheart aloha94 
2234lene lovich : sleeping beauty94 
2235leann rimes : you light up my life94 
2236laura cantrell : the vaguest idea94 
2237la serenissima, adrian chandler, katy bircher, peter whelan : continuo in g minor, rv 15794 
2238keb' mo' : imagine94 
2239kate maki : blue morning94 
2240kasey chambers : mr baylis94 
2241kasey chambers : a little bit lonesome94 
2242k.d. lang : one day i will walk94 
2243june carter cash : will the circle be unbroken94 
2244julie london : sentimental journey94 
2245julie london : little white lies94 
2246julie london : it never entered my mind94 
2247julie london : invitation to the blues94 
2248julie london : 's wonderful94 
2249judy garland : the trolley song94 
2250judy garland : that's entertainment!94 
2251judy garland : more than you know94 
2252judy garland : meet me in st. louis,louis94 
2253judy garland : for me and my gal94 
2254joão gilberto : bim bom94 
2255joss stone : you had me94 
2256joss stone : super duper love (are you digging on me?)94 
2257joss stone : dirty man94 
2258joni harms : two steppin' texas blue94 
2259joni harms : oregon trail94 
2260joni harms : coyote café94 
2261joni harms : belle starr94 
2262johnny cash : redemption94 
2263johnny cash : orange blossom special94 
2264johnny cash : life's railway to heaven94 
2265johnny cash : it's all over94 
2266johnny cash : folsom prison blues94 
2267johnny cash : five feet high and rising94 
2268johnny cash : don't take your guns to town94 
2269johannes brahms : ein deutsches requiem - andantino94 
2270johann sebastian bach : unaccompanied cello suite no. 1 in g major, bwv 1007: i. prélude94 
2271johann sebastian bach : toccata in d minor94 
2272johann sebastian bach : suite no 1 bwv 812 d minor 3: sarabande94 
2273johann sebastian bach : sinfonia94 
2274johann sebastian bach : menuet and badinerie94 
2275johann sebastian bach : jauchzet, frohlocket!94 
2276johann sebastian bach : choral; "ich steh an deiner krippe hier"94 
2277johann sebastian bach : bach partita no 3, i94 
2278johann sebastian bach : aria; "erleucht auch meine finstre sinnen"94 
2279joe cocker : with a little help from my friends94 
2280joan morris and william bolcom : under the bamboo tree94 
2281jo dee messina : heads carolina, tails california94 
2282jo dee messina : delicious surprise (i believe it)94 
2283jenny lewis with the watson twins : the big guns94 
2284jenny lewis with the watson twins : happy94 
2285jem : flying high94 
2286jem : falling for you94 
2287jeff bridges : hold on you94 
2288jane monheit : surrender94 
2289jane monheit : chega de saudade (no more blues)94 
2290jamie o'neal : there is no arizona94 
2291iris dement : big city94 
2292indigo girls : uncle john's band94 
2293indigo girls : they won't have me94 
2294indigo girls : romeo and juliet94 
2295indigo girls : land of canaan94 
2296indigo girls : hand me downs94 
2297indigo girls : closer to fine94 
2298huey lewis and the news : if this is it94 
2299holly cole : tango til they're sore94 
2300holly cole : take me home94 
2301hole : miss world94 
2302hole : jennifer's body94 
2303hem : lazy eye94 
2304hem : half asleep94 
2305hem : great houses of new york94 
2306heather myles : sweet little dangerous94 
2307heather myles : rum and rodeo94 
2308heather myles : if the truth hurts94 
2309heather myles : by the time i get to phoenix94 
2310heartless bastards : blue day94 
2311harry belafonte : matilda94 
2312hank williams : window shopping94 
2313gwen stefani : harajuku girls94 
2314gwen stefani : cool94 
2315goldfrapp : twist94 
2316goldfrapp : beautiful94 
2317girlyman : kittery tide94 
2318george strait : ocean front property94 
2319george strait : it ain't cool to be crazy about you94 
2320george strait : if i know me94 
2321george strait : am i blue94 
2322george frederick handel : behold, a virgin94 
2323gary allan : nothing on but the radio94 
2324garth brooks : the cowboy song94 
2325frédéric chopin : nocturne no. 4 in f op. 15 no. 1 (1999 digital remaster)94 
2326fritz kreisler : syncopation94 
2327fritz kreisler : polichinelle94 
2328fritz kreisler : la précieuse94 
2329fritz kreisler : caprice viennois op. 294 
2330frank sinatra : o little town of bethlehem94 
2331frank sinatra : just one of those things94 
2332frank sinatra : i've got the world on a string94 
2333frank sinatra : i'm glad there is you94 
2334frank sinatra : blues in the night94 
2335frank sinatra : anything goes94 
2336fiona apple : window94 
2337fiona apple : get him back94 
2338felix mendelssohn - fritz kreisler : violin concerto in e minor, op. 64: andante94 
2339feist : when i was a young girl94 
2340everlast : 2 pieces of drama94 
2341evanescence : sweet sacrifice94 
2342evanescence : like you94 
2343etta james : that's all there is to that94 
2344estrella morente : en lo alto del cerro de palomares (tangos)94 
2345eric clapton and b.b. king : come rain or come shine94 
2346emmylou harris : all my tears94 
2347ella fitzgerald : nice work if you can get it94 
2348elizabeth cook : times are tough in rock n' roll94 
2349eleni mandell : silverlake babies94 
2350eleni mandell : moment that you had94 
2351eleni mandell : let's drive away94 
2352eleni mandell : hack jimmy94 
2353eleni mandell : county line94 
2354eleni mandell : christine94 
2355eartha kitt : long gone (from "the bowlin' green")94 
2356eartha kitt : do you remember?94 
2357dwight yoakam : if teardrops were diamonds94 
2358duke ellington : rockin in rhythm94 
2359doris day : teacher's pet94 
2360doris day : i may be wrong (but i think you're wonderful) w harry james94 
2361don walser : rolling stone from texas94 
2362don walser : in my dear old southern home94 
2363don walser : hot rod mercury94 
2364dolly parton : i'll make your bed94 
2365django reinhardt : solitude w stephane grapelli94 
2366dixie chicks : live wire94 
2367dionne warwick : do you know the way to san jose94 
2368dinah shore : tess's torch song94 
2369diana krall : winter wonderland94 
2370diana krall : they can't take that away from me94 
2371diana krall : the boulevard of broken dreams94 
2372diana krall : on the sunny side of the street94 
2373diana krall : let's face the music and dance94 
2374diana krall : exactly like you94 
2375diana krall : all or nothing at all94 
2376delbert mcclinton : new york city94 
2377delbert mcclinton : ain't lost nothing94 
2378david grisman and daniel kobialka : ashokan farewell94 
2379dar williams : everybody knows this is nowhere94 
2380danni leigh : trying to get over you94 
2381danni leigh : shiver of lonesome94 
2382cyndi lauper : witness94 
2383curtis mayfield : superfly94 
2384connie francis : who's sorry now94 
2385connie francis : where the boys are94 
2386cole porter : begin the beguine94 
2387chet atkins : steeplechase lane94 
2388cher : dark lady94 
2389chely wright : shut up and drive94 
2390cecilia bartoli : beltà crudele94 
2391cathy fink and marcy marxer : halfway there94 
2392cat power : love and communication94 
2393caro emerald : just one dance94 
2394caro emerald : back it up94 
2395carmen mcrae : how long has this been going on?94 
2396carla bruni : le toi du moi94 
2397carla bruni : la dernière minute94 
2398carla bruni : l'amour94 
2399canadian brass : toccata and fugue in d minor94 
2400canadian brass : allegro maestoso94 
2401camera obscura : books written for girls94 
2402cake : i will survive94 
2403bruce springsteen : let's be friends (skin to skin)94 
2404brazilian girls : la territoire94 
2405bratisla boys : stach stach94 
2406bonnie raitt : love has no pride94 
2407bob dylan : mississippi94 
2408bob dylan : love sick94 
2409blossom dearie : once upon a summertime94 
2410blossom dearie : moonlight saving time94 
2411blossom dearie : bruce94 
2412blaine larsen : that's just me94 
2413billie holiday : i cover the waterfront94 
2414beth orton : how far94 
2415beach boys : surfing usa94 
2416beach boys : i get around94 
2417barlowgirl : let go94 
2418barbra streisand : you don't bring me flowers w neil diamond94 
2419barbra streisand : don't rain on my parade94 
2420bajofondo : pa' bailar94 
2421b.b. king : sweet little angel94 
2422b.b. king : help the poor94 
2423b.b. king : dangerous mood (with joe cocker)94 
2424avril lavigne : fall to pieces94 
2425avril lavigne : complicated 94 
2426aphex twin : nannou94 
2427ani difranco : tiptoe94 
2428ani difranco : shy94 
2429ani difranco : letter to a john94 
2430alicia keys : you don't know my name94 
2431alberta hunter : the darktown strutters' ball94 
2432alan jackson : the talkin' song repair blues94 
2433alan jackson : short sweet ride94 
2434aimee mann : you're a mean one mr. grinch94 
2435aimee mann : you do94 
2436aimee mann : white christmas94 
2437aimee mann : susan94 
2438adrienne young : home remedy94 
2439ace of base : all that she wants94 
2440abigail washburn : everybody does it now94 
2441abba : fernando94 
24428½ souvenirs : it's all right with me94 
24438½ souvenirs : botch-a-me (ba-da-baciani-piccina)94 
2444 nelson riddle : it's only a paper moon94 
2445 eric clapton : heads in georgia94 
2446 antônio carlos jobim : quiet nights of quiet stars94 
2447 antônio carlos jobim : dindi94 
2448 antônio carlos jobim : change partners94 
2449yes : i've seen all good people: your move84 
2450woody phillips : rondo alla turca84 
2451wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 - haffner - iv. finale (presto)84 
2452wolfgang amadeus mozart : overture84 
2453willie nelson : what do you think of her now84 
2454willie nelson : undo the right84 
2455willie nelson : precious memories84 
2456willie nelson : it always will be84 
2457willie nelson : heartland84 
2458willie nelson : for what it's worth w sheryl crow, bill evans84 
2459willie nelson : crazy84 
2460willie nelson : can i sleep in your arms?84 
2461whitney houston : saving all my love for you84 
2462vaughan penn : bring on the day84 
2463various artists : wedding celebration and the bottle dance84 
2464various artists : piano sonata no. 14 in c sharp minor, op. 27/2: adagio sostenuto84 
2465ulali : rattle songs84 
2466trisha yearwood : real live woman84 
2467trisha yearwood : baby don't you let go84 
2468travis tritt : tell me i was dreaming84 
2469trace adkins : chrome84 
2470tori amos : the wrong band84 
2471tori amos : parasol84 
2472tori amos : god84 
2473tom waits : world keeps turning84 
2474tom waits : hold on84 
2475tom waits : everything goes to hell84 
2476toby keith : dream walkin'84 
2477tift merritt : shadow in the way84 
2478they might be giants : istanbul (not constantinople)84 
2479thea gilmore : the cracks84 
2480thea gilmore : hydrogen84 
2481thea gilmore : have you heard84 
2482the youngbloods : get together84 
2483the weepies : painting by chagall84 
2484the weavers : this land is your land84 
2485the waifs : danger84 
2486the shins : so says i84 
2487the rolling stones : low down84 
2488the rolling stones : jumpin' jack flash84 
2489the roches : the troubles84 
2490the roches : i'm someone who loves you84 
2491the raconteurs : intimate secretary84 
2492the puppini sisters : tu vo fa l'americano84 
2493the puppini sisters : sisters84 
2494the puppini sisters : heebie jeebies84 
2495the police : englishman in new york84 
2496the pipettes : tell me what you want84 
2497the nitty gritty dirt band : roll in my sweet baby's arms w willie nelson84 
2498the nitty gritty dirt band : mama's opry w iris dement84 
2499the nitty gritty dirt band : battle of new orleans84 
2500the mcguire sisters : the birth of the blues84 
2501the mcguire sisters : sweet song of india84 
2502the mcguire sisters : something's gotta give84 
2503the mcguire sisters : do you remember when?84 
2504the lovin' spoonful : did you ever have to make up your mind?84 
2505the little willies : tennessee stud84 
2506the little willies : it's not you it's me84 
2507the lisa marr experiment : house of tolerance84 
2508the lisa marr experiment : beer and whisky84 
2509the kills : cheap and cheerful84 
2510the jayhawks : fingernail moon84 
2511the ginn sisters : faded love84 
2512the folksmen : start me up84 
2513the eagles : desperado84 
2514the duhks : the fox and the bee84 
2515the duhks : mountains o' things84 
2516the ditty bops : waking up in the city84 
2517the del-tones : misirlou84 
2518the cranberries : pretty84 
2519the cranberries : i will always84 
2520the beatles : yesterday84 
2521the beatles : strawberry fields forever84 
2522the beatles : nowhere man84 
2523the beatles : eleanor rigby84 
2524the be good tanyas : up against the wall84 
2525the be good tanyas : the coo coo bird84 
2526the be good tanyas : scattered leaves84 
2527the be good tanyas : rowdy blues84 
2528the be good tanyas : rain and snow84 
2529the be good tanyas : don't you fall84 
2530the band : knockin' lost john84 
2531the andrews sisters : bei mir bist du shon84 
2532terri clark : girls lie too84 
2533terri clark : every time i cry84 
2534terri clark : emotional girl84 
2535terri clark : a little gasoline84 
2536tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: tea84 
2537tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: sugarplum fairy and cavalier coda84 
2538tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act i: march84 
2539tchaikovsky : act ii/13.danses des cygnes : g)coda - allegro vivo84 
2540tchaikovsky : act ii/13.danses des cygnes : f) danse generale - tempo di valse84 
2541tchaikovsky : act ii/13.danses des cygnes : b) moderato assai84 
2542tchaikovsky : act i/valse - tempo di valse84 
2543tchaikovsky : act i/danse des coupes84 
2544tanya tucker : two sparrows in a hurricane84 
2545tanya tucker : soon84 
2546tanya tucker : down to my last teardrop84 
2547talking heads : burning down the house84 
2548talking heads : and she was84 
2549tab benoit : fever for the bayou84 
2550t.a.t.u. : all the things she said84 
2551susan werner : blue guitar84 
2552susan tedeschi : security84 
2553sugarland : speed of life84 
2554sugarland : happy ending84 
2555stevie wonder : sir duke84 
2556steppenwolf : born to be wild84 
2557stephen sondheim : you could drive a person crazy (from "company")84 
2558stephen sondheim : we're gonna be all right (from "do i hear a waltz?")84 
2559stephen sondheim : the little things you do together (from "company")84 
2560stan rogers : the legend of fingal (dialogue)84 
2561stan rogers : make and break harbour84 
2562stan getz, joão gilberto, antõnio carlos jobim : garota de ipanema84 
2563sons of the san joaquin : way out yonder84 
2564sonny and cher : the beat goes on84 
2565siouxsie and the banshees : trust in me84 
2566simon and garfunkel : cecilia84 
2567sheryl crow : where has all the love gone84 
2568sheryl crow : the difficult kind w shelby lynne84 
2569sheryl crow : i shall believe84 
2570sheryl crow : home84 
2571sheryl crow : always on your side84 
2572shelby lynne : you can't break a broken hart84 
2573shelby lynne : talkin' to myself again84 
2574shelby lynne : restless84 
2575shelby lynne : another chance at love84 
2576shania twain : she's not just a pretty face84 
2577shania twain : nah!84 
2578shania twain : ka-ching!84 
2579shania twain : ain't no paticular way84 
2580shakira : vuelve84 
2581serena ryder : stay for an hour84 
2582serena ryder : sing sing84 
2583serena ryder : hiding place84 
2584serena ryder : brand new love84 
2585sarah slean : pilgrim84 
2586sarah mclachlan : train wreck84 
2587sarah mclachlan : into the fire84 
2588sara evans : born to fly84 
2589sandie shaw : puppet on a string84 
2590sade : the sweetest taboo84 
2591roy orbison : only the lonely84 
2592rosie flores : ruin this romance84 
2593rosie flores : girl haggard84 
2594roberta flack : the first time ever i saw your face84 
2595robert preston : pick-a-little, talk-a-little84 
2596rhonda vincent : you can't take it with you when you go84 
2597rhonda vincent : kentucky borderline84 
2598rhonda vincent : homecoming84 
2599rhonda vincent : frankie belle84 
2600rhonda vincent : drivin' nails in my coffin84 
2601rhonda vincent : bluegrass express84 
2602regina spektor : lady84 
2603reba mcentire : somebody should leave84 
2604reba mcentire : it's your call84 
2605ray charles : georgia on my mind84 
2606rachael yamagata : would you please84 
2607psapp : velvet pony84 
2608pretenders : my baby84 
2609pretenders : back on the chain gang84 
2610po' girl : wheels are taking me away84 
2611po' girl : south of nowhere84 
2612po' girl : cold hungry blues84 
2613petula clark : a sign of the times84 
2614peter, paul and mary : blowin' in the wind84 
2615peter gabriel : in your eyes84 
2616persephone's bees : way to your heart84 
2617persephone's bees : on the earth84 
2618persephone's bees : home84 
2619peggy lee : you've got to see mamma every night84 
2620peggy lee : street of dreams84 
2621peggy lee : i've got the world on a string84 
2622peggy lee : (ah, the apple trees) when the world was young84 
2623paulina rubio : te quise tanto84 
2624patty loveless : two coats84 
2625patty loveless : rise up lazarus84 
2626patty griffin : christina84 
2627patti labelle : lady marmalade84 
2628patsy cline : seven lonely days84 
2629patsy cline : san antonio rose84 
2630patsy cline : i fall to pieces84 
2631patsy cline : got a lot of rhythem in my soul84 
2632ollabelle : riverside84 
2633ollabelle : heaven's pearls84 
2634ollabelle : fall back84 
2635norah jones : wish i could84 
2636norah jones : wake me up84 
2637norah jones : toes84 
2638norah jones : my dear country84 
2639norah jones : be my somebody84 
2640norah jones : be here to love me84 
2641nora o'connor : tonight84 
2642nolan bruce allen : spanish two step84 
2643nina nastasia : jim's room84 
2644nikolai rimsky-korsakov : flight of the bumblebee84 
2645nikolai rimsky-korsakov : capriccio espagnol, op. 3484 
2646nicole kidman : something stupid w robbie williams84 
2647neneh cherry : trout84 
2648neneh cherry : so here i come84 
2649neneh cherry : outré risqué locomotive84 
2650nelly furtado : i'm like a bird84 
2651nellie mckay : respectable84 
2652neko case : wayfaring stranger84 
2653neko case : thrice all american84 
2654neko case : lady pilot84 
2655neko case : i wish i was the moon84 
2656neko case : i missed the point84 
2657neko case : hex84 
2658neko case : ghost wiring84 
2659neko case : furnace room lullaby84 
2660natalie cole : lovers84 
2661natalie cole : calypso blues84 
2662nat king cole : thou swell (live at the sands)84 
2663nancy wilson and the george shearing quintet : wait till you see her84 
2664nancy wilson and the george shearing quintet : inspiration84 
2665nancy wilson : the song is you84 
2666nancy wilson : someone to watch over me84 
2667nancy wilson : lucky trumble84 
2668nanci griffith : i wish it would rain84 
2669nana mouskouri : till there was you84 
2670nana mouskouri : guantanamera84 
2671naked blue : shame, shame, shame84 
2672naked blue : pride84 
2673missy elliott : work it84 
2674miranda lambert : easy from now on84 
2675miles davis : straight, no chaser84 
2676miles davis : someday my prince will come84 
2677miles davis : milestones84 
2678miles davis : 'round midnight84 
2679michael feinstein : when i am not near the girl i love (from finian's rainbow)84 
2680merle haggard : it makes no difference now84 
2681merle haggard : i think i'll just stay here and drink84 
2682melissa mcclelland : picture postcard84 
2683melissa mcclelland : encinitas rainstorm84 
2684melissa ferrick : it's been a long time84 
2685melissa ferrick : inside84 
2686melissa ferrick : asking for love84 
2687maura o'connell : the scholar84 
2688marylin monroe : two little girls from little rock84 
2689mary chapin carpenter : how do84 
2690mary black : golden thread84 
2691mary black : by the time it gets dark84 
2692martina mcbride : this one's for the girls84 
2693martina mcbride : independence day84 
2694martina mcbride : i can't stop loving you84 
2695maria mckee : to miss someone84 
2696maria mckee : more than a heart can hold84 
2697mala rodríguez : vengo prepará84 
2698madonna : cherish84 
2699madonna : borderline84 
2700madeleine peyroux : you can't do me84 
2701lyle lovett : my baby don't tolerate84 
2702lyle lovett : m-o-n-e-y84 
2703lyle lovett : if i had a boat84 
2704lyle lovett : give back my heart84 
2705lulacruza : el conocimiento84 
2706lucinda williams : which will84 
2707lucinda williams : overtime84 
2708lucinda williams : lonely girls84 
2709lucinda williams : i envy the wind84 
2710lucinda williams : are you alright?84 
2711louise taylor : gunny hole84 
2712loudon wainwright iii : motel blues84 
2713lou bega : mambo no. 584 
2714lorrie morgan : i guess you had to be there84 
2715loretta lynn : story of my life84 
2716loretta lynn : portland, oregon84 
2717loretta lynn : mad mrs. leroy brown84 
2718loretta lynn : if you're not gone too long84 
2719loretta lynn : family tree84 
2720loretta lynn : country in my jeans w reba mcentire, martina mcbride, crystal gayle, chely wright84 
2721liz phair : mesmerizing84 
2722liz phair : 6' 1"84 
2723little miss higgins : jimmy jube jube strut84 
2724little miss higgins : i'm gonna bake my biscuits84 
2725lester flatt and earl scruggs : the ballad of jed clampett84 
2726les paul : steel guitar rag84 
2727les paul : everybody knew but me w helen forrest84 
2728leann rimes : one way ticket - because i can84 
2729leann rimes : blue84 
2730laura cantrell : too late for tonight84 
2731laura cantrell : broken again84 
2732kinky : soun tha mi primer amor84 
2733keren ann : midi dans le salon de la duchesse84 
2734kelly willis and robbie fulks : parallel bars84 
2735kelly willis : hidden things84 
2736kelly willis : baby take a piece of my heart84 
2737kay starr : hoop dee doo84 
2738kay starr : comes a-long a-love84 
2739kathy mattea : 455 rocket84 
2740kasey chambers : not pretty enough84 
2741kasey chambers : light up a candle84 
2742junior brown : road to san antone84 
2743junior brown : broke down south of dallas84 
2744julieta venegas : sueno de sombras84 
2745julieta venegas : oleada84 
2746julieta venegas : nada serio84 
2747julie roberts : that ain't a crime84 
2748julie london : you'd be so nice to come home to84 
2749julie london : when i fall in love84 
2750julie london : i'm in the mood for love84 
2751julie london : goody goody84 
2752julie london : cry me a river84 
2753julie london : can´t help lovin´ that man84 
2754julie london : a cottage for sale84 
2755judy garland : when you're smiling84 
2756judy garland : i'm nobody's baby84 
2757judy garland : for me and my gal w gene kelly84 
2758judy garland : embraceable you84 
2759joy lynn white : if you want my heart84 
2760joy lynn white : girls with apartments in nashville84 
2761joni mitchell : morning morgantown84 
2762joni mitchell : ladies of the canyon84 
2763joni mitchell : free man in paris84 
2764joni harms : murphy's law84 
2765jolie holland : damn shame84 
2766jolie holland : all the morning birds84 
2767jolie holland : a crush in the ghetto84 
2768johnny cash : wildwood in the pines84 
2769johnny cash : the way worn traveler84 
2770johnny cash : the one on the right is on the left84 
2771johnny cash : oney84 
2772johnny cash : it was jesus84 
2773johnny cash : highway patrolman84 
2774johnny cash : forever young84 
2775johnny cash : down there by the train84 
2776johnny cash : dirty old egg-sucking dog84 
2777johnny cash : daddy sang bass84 
2778johnny cash : cocaine blues84 
2779johnny cash : belshazzar84 
2780johnny cash : (there'll be) peace in the valley (for me)84 
2781john prine : we could w iris dement84 
2782john prine : taking a walk84 
2783john prine : jesus the missing years84 
2784john prine : blue umbrella84 
2785john prine : back street affair w patty loveless84 
2786johannes brahms : symphony no. 1 in c minor, op.68: 4. adagio - più andante - allegro non troppo ma con brio (1999 digital remaster)84 
2787johannes brahms : symphony no. 1 in c minor, op.68: 3. un poco allegretto e grazioso (1999 digital remaster)84 
2788johannes brahms : symphony no. 1 in c minor, op.68: 2. andante sostenuto (1999 digital remaster)84 
2789johannes brahms : symphony no. 1 in c minor, op.68: 1. un poco sostenuto - allegro (1999 digital remaster)84 
2790johann sebastian bach : suite no 2 bwv 813 c minor 3: sarabande84 
2791johann sebastian bach : french suite no. 5 in e - viii84 
2792johann sebastian bach : english suite no. 3 in g minor - i84 
2793johann sebastian bach : concerto for two violins and strings in d minor bwv1043 (1989 digital remaster): i. vivace84 
2794johann sebastian bach : aria; "frohe hirten, eilt, ach eilet"84 
2795joan morris and william bolcom : a bird in a gilded cage84 
2796joan jett and the blackhearts : watersign84 
2797joan jett and the blackhearts : handyman84 
2798joan jett and the blackhearts : fun, fun, fun84 
2799joan jett and the blackhearts : everyone knows84 
2800joan jett and the blackhearts : coney island whitefish84 
2801joan jett and the blackhearts : cherry bomb84 
2802joan jett and the blackhearts : bad time84 
2803joan baez : james and the gang84 
2804joan baez : don't think twice, it's alright84 
2805jil caplan : oh! tous les soirs84 
2806jil caplan : a peine 2184 
2807jesca hoop : seed of wonder84 
2808jesca hoop : havoc in heaven84 
2809jenny lewis with the watson twins : born secular84 
2810jennifer o'connor : dirty city blues84 
2811jennifer hanson : in hollywood it happens all the time84 
2812jane monheit : moon river84 
2813jane monheit : love has no pride84 
2814jane monheit : cheek to cheek84 
2815j. pat o'malley : that's what friends are for (the vulture song)84 
2816indigo girls : she's saving me84 
2817indigo girls : money made you mean84 
2818indigo girls : love will come to you84 
2819indigo girls : i believe in love84 
2820indigo girls : heartache for everyone84 
2821indigo girls : chickenman84 
2822howlin' wolf : spoonful84 
2823holly cole : falling down84 
2824hole : reasons to be beautiful84 
2825heather myles : love me a little bit longer84 
2826heather myles : homewrecker blues84 
2827heather myles : coming back to me84 
2828heartless bastards : into the open84 
2829heartless bastards : autonomy84 
2830hal ketchum : past the point of rescue84 
2831gretchen wilson : what happened84 
2832greta gaines : blindside84 
2833girlyman : young james dean84 
2834girlyman : superior84 
2835girlyman : i wonder where you've gone84 
2836gillian welch : orphan girl84 
2837gillian welch : by the mark84 
2838gilbert and sullivan : penzance - when the foeman bares his steel84 
2839georges bizet : carmen act ii - les tringles des sistres tin taient84 
2840georges bizet : carmen act i - pres des remparts de seville84 
2841georges bizet : carmen act i - mais nous ne voyons pas la carmencita!...l'amour est un oiseau rebelle (habanera)84 
2842george strait : what say84 
2843george strait : texas84 
2844george strait : so much like my dad84 
2845george strait : give it away84 
2846george strait : carried away84 
2847george gershwin : i've got a crush on you84 
2848george frederick handel : worthy is the lamb84 
2849george frederick handel : o thou that tellest84 
2850george frederick handel : comfort ye84 
2851george frederick handel : behold the lamb of god84 
2852garth brooks : if tomorrow never comes84 
2853fritz kreisler : the old refrain84 
2854fritz kreisler : recitativo und scherzo-caprice op. 684 
2855franz joseph haydn : symphony in g, h.i no.94 - "surprise" - 1. adagio - vivace assai84 
2856frank sinatra and the tommy dorsey orchestra : be careful, it's my heart84 
2857frank sinatra : you brought a new kind of love to me84 
2858frank sinatra : too marvelous for words84 
2859frank sinatra : the song is you84 
2860frank sinatra : taking a chance on love84 
2861frank sinatra : santa claus is coming to town84 
2862frank sinatra : pennies from heaven84 
2863frank sinatra : only the lonely84 
2864frank sinatra : mood indigo84 
2865frank sinatra : mistletoe and holly84 
2866frank sinatra : little girl blue84 
2867frank sinatra : it was a very good year84 
2868frank sinatra : i gotta right to sing the blues84 
2869frank sinatra : i got plenty of nothing84 
2870frank sinatra : i got it bad and that ain't good84 
2871frank sinatra : i can't believe that you're in love with me84 
2872frank sinatra : how about you?84 
2873frank sinatra : hey! jealous lover84 
2874frank sinatra : fools rush in84 
2875frank sinatra : blue skies84 
2876frank sinatra : as time goes by84 
2877france gall : papillon de nuit84 
2878fleetwood mac : everywhere84 
2879fiona apple : better version of me84 
2880fiona apple : a mistake84 
2881felix mendelssohn : on wings of song, op. 34 no. 3284 
2882felix mendelssohn - fritz kreisler : violin concerto in e minor, op. 64: allegretto non troppo - 84 
2883faith hill : keep walking on w shelby lynne84 
2884everlast : sad girl84 
2885eurythmics : it's alright - (baby's coming back)84 
2886etta james : till there was you84 
2887etta james : the gal from joe's84 
2888etta james : someday my prince will come84 
2889erin mckeown : how to be a lady84 
2890erin mckeown : cosmopolitans84 
2891en vogue : my lovin (you're never gonna get it)84 
2892emmylou harris : too far gone84 
2893emmylou harris : together again84 
2894emmylou harris : red dirt girl84 
2895emmylou harris : orphan girl84 
2896elton john : the bitch is back84 
2897elton john : philadelphia freedom84 
2898elton john : captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy84 
2899ella fitzgerald : shiny stockings84 
2900ella fitzgerald : 's wonderful84 
2901eleni mandell : sylvia84 
2902eleni mandell : snake song84 
2903eleni mandell : refrain84 
2904eleni mandell : just another lonely heart84 
2905eleni mandell : fall away84 
2906eleni mandell : dutch harbor84 
2907eleni mandell : digging a hole84 
2908eleni mandell : close the door84 
2909eleni mandell : careless driver84 
2910eleni mandell : blue ribbon eyes84 
2911eleni mandell : artificial fire84 
2912eleni mandell : american boy84 
2913edie brickell and the new bohemians : no dinero84 
2914eartha kitt : jonny84 
2915dwight yoakam : three good reasons84 
2916dwight yoakam : population me84 
2917dwight yoakam : just passin' time84 
2918drive by truckers : where the devil don't stay84 
2919drive by truckers : lookout mountain84 
2920doris day and frankie laine : sugarbush84 
2921doris day : whatever will be, will be84 
2922doris day : it's a great feeling w john rarig, the mellomen84 
2923doris day : i'm in love w bing crosby84 
2924doris day : i'll never slip around again84 
2925doris day : here comes santa claus84 
2926doris day : everybody loves a lover84 
2927don walser : danny boy84 
2928don walser : cherokee maiden84 
2929doc watson : freight train boogie w chet atkins84 
2930django reinhardt : brazil84 
2931dixie chicks : lubbock or leave it84 
2932dixie chicks : let him fly84 
2933dixie chicks : i can love you better84 
2934dixie chicks : everybody knows84 
2935dionne warwick : then came you w the spinners84 
2936dinah washington : our love is here to stay84 
2937dido : white flag84 
2938diana krall : you're getting to be a habit with me84 
2939diana krall : what are you doing new year's eve?84 
2940diana krall : it could happen to you84 
2941diana krall : isn't this a lovely day?84 
2942diana krall : gee baby, ain't i good to you84 
2943diana krall : body and soul84 
2944diana krall : besame mucho84 
2945delbert mcclinton : two step too84 
2946delbert mcclinton : i'll change my style84 
2947decai : sabor de cai84 
2948deana carter : there's no limit84 
2949deana carter : strawberry wine84 
2950dean martin : you're nobody 'til somebody loves you84 
2951dean martin : cha-cha-cha d'amour84 
2952dean martin : baby, it's cold outside84 
2953dead ringer band w kasey chambers : i wish it would rain w kasey chambers84 
2954david frizzell : i'm gonna hire a wino to decorate84 
2955danni leigh : longnecks, cigarettes84 
2956cyndi lauper : time after time84 
2957creedence clearwater revival : jeremiah was a bullfrog84 
2958creedence clearwater revival : i heard it through the grapevine84 
2959creedence clearwater revival : fortunate son84 
2960cowboy junkies : a horse in the country84 
2961connie francis : the twelve days of christmas84 
2962ciara : goodies w t.i., jazze pha84 
2963chuck berry : you never can tell84 
2964chris webster : no more excuses84 
2965chris webster : if i could have you84 
2966chet baker : i'll remember april84 
2967cheap trick : i want you to want me84 
2968charlotte martin : civilized84 
2969cathy fink and marcy marxer : what will i leave84 
2970carrie newcomer : the yes of yes84 
2971carole king : you've got a friend84 
2972caro emerald : you don't love me84 
2973caro emerald : the other woman84  
2974caro emerald : the lipstick on his collar84 
2975caro emerald : that man84 
2976caro emerald : stuck84 
2977caro emerald : i know that he's mine84  
2978caro emerald : dr. wanna do84 
2979caro emerald : absolutely me84 
2980carmen mcrae : i can't get started with you84 
2981carla bruni : le plus beau du quartier84 
2982canned heat : going up the country84 
2983camera obscura : lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken84 
2984camera obscura : i need all the friends i can get84 
2985caitlin cary : sleepin in on sunday84 
2986caitlin cary : i'm staying out84 
2987bruce springsteen : my hometown84 
2988bruce springsteen : devils and dust84 
2989brownsville station : smokin' in the boys room84 
2990brazilian girls : talk to the bomb84 
2991brazilian girls : jique84 
2992brazilian girls : homme84 
2993brazilian girls : all about us84 
2994brandi carlile : in my own eyes84 
2995bobby darin : beyond the sea 84 
2996bob dylan : the lonesome death of hattie carroll84 
2997bob dylan : the freewheelin' bob dylan84 
2998bob dylan : someday baby84 
2999bob dylan : one too many mornings84 
3000bob dylan : all along the watchtower84 
3001blossom dearie : you've got something i want84 
3002blossom dearie : quiet nights (corcovado)84 
3003blossom dearie : gentleman friend84 
3004blossom dearie : blossom's blues84 
3005blossom dearie : a fine spring morning84 
3006blondie : sunday girl84 
3007bing crosby : you're all i want for christmas84 
3008big bill broonzy : black, brown and white84 
3009beach boys : california girls84 
3010bea bronchal : atrapada en tu corazón84 
3011barenaked ladies : i saw three ships84  
3012barbra streisand : the way we were84 
3013barbra streisand : my melancholy baby84 
3014barbra streisand : more than you know84 
3015barbra streisand : hello, dolly (with louis armstrong)84 
3016barbra streisand : happy days are here again84 
3017b.b. king : you upset me baby84 
3018b.b. king : you done lost your good thing now84 
3019b.b. king : rock me baby (with eric clapton)84 
3020b.b. king : paying the cost to be the boss (with the rolling stones)84 
3021avril lavigne : why84 
3022atomic kitten : it's ok!84 
3023atomic kitten : eternal flame84 
3024arturo sandoval : mambo caliente84 
3025arturo sandoval : la virgen de la macarena84 
3026arturo sandoval : guachi guaro (soul sauce)84 
3027aretha franklin : chain of fools84 
3028anya marina : someday84 
3029antonio vivaldi : vivaldi violin concerto iii84 
3030antonio vivaldi : vivaldi violin concerto i84 
3031antonio vivaldi : l'estate - 3. presto84 
3032antonio vivaldi : l'autumno - 1. allegro84 
3033antonio vivaldi : four seasons op.8 (1987 digital remaster), autumn (1987 digital remaster): allegro (1987 digital remaster)84 
3034annie lennox : pavement cracks84 
3035ani difranco : she says84 
3036ani difranco : shameless84 
3037ani difranco : roll with it84 
3038ani difranco : pale purple84 
3039ani difranco : little plastic castle84 
3040ani difranco : half-assed84 
3041ani difranco : done wrong84 
3042ani difranco : decree84 
3043ani difranco : cradle and all84 
3044ani difranco : 78% h2o (live)84 
3045andrea echeverri : baby blues84 
3046amy speace : water landing84 
3047amy speace : step out of the shade84 
3048amy speace : rosalie84 
3049amy speace : not the heartless kind84 
3050amy speace : dreaming84 
3051amy speace : can't find a reason to cry84 
3052amy millan : skinny boy84 
3053amy millan : come home loaded roadie84 
3054alison krauss : little liza jane84 
3055alison krauss : i don't have to live this way84 
3056alison balsom/scottish ensemble : concerto after sonata da chiesa in d minor: allegro84  
3057alison balsom/scottish ensemble : [violin] concerto in g major rv310: allegro84  
3058alicia keys : if i was your woman/walk on by84 
3059alicia keys : fallin'84 
3060alexander borodin : prince igor: polovtsian dances84 
3061alanis morissette : wake up84 
3062alan jackson : where do i go from here (a trucker's song)84 
3063alan jackson : to do what i do84 
3064alan jackson : strong enough84 
3065alan jackson : monday morning church84 
3066alan jackson : midnight in montgomery84 
3067alan jackson : margaritaville84 
3068alan jackson : if french fries were fat free84 
3069alan jackson : drive (for daddy gene)84 
3070alan jackson : don't change on me84 
3071ain't misbehavin' company : finale84 
3072aimee mann : she really wants you84 
3073aimee mann : satellite84 
3074aimee mann : lost in space84 
3075aimee mann : just like anyone84 
3076aimee mann : it takes all kinds84 
3077aimee mann : i can't get my head around it84 
3078aimee mann : driving sideways84 
3079aimee mann : calling on mary84 
3080aimee mann : backfire84 
3081ace of base : (i saw the) sign84 
3082abigail washburn : eve stole the apple84 
3083abba : dancing queen84 
3084a fine frenzy : you picked me84 
3085 victor de sabata : tosca: "vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore"84 
3086 mac wiseman : i forgot to remember to forget84 
3087 joe williams : i'm beginning to see the light84 
3088 francesco molinari-pradelli : la traviata: "e strano!" - "ah, fors'è lui" - "sempre libera"84 
3089zz top : tush73 
3090zz top : legs73 
3091yo-yo ma : erbarme dich73 
3092yeah yeah yeahs : gold lion73 
3093wynonna : i saw the light73 
3094woody phillips : toccata in d minor73 
3095woody phillips : in the hall of the mountain king73 
3096woody guthrie : tom joad - part i73 
3097woody guthrie : talking dust bowl blues73 
3098wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 36 - iii. menuetto73 
3099wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 in d73 
3100wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 - haffner - i. allegro con spirito73 
3101wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 - haffner - finale. presto73 
3102wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 35 - haffner - allegro con spirito73 
3103wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 34 - iii. finale (allegro vivace)73 
3104wolfgang amadeus mozart : symphony no. 30 in d, k.202/186b - molto allegro73 
3105wolfgang amadeus mozart : concerto for trumpet in d major73 
3106wolfgang amadeus mozart : act 1: aria: "non plu andrai, farfallone amoroso"73 
3107winnipeg philharmonic choir : il est ne le devin enfant73 
3108wilson pickett : land of a 1000 dances73 
3109willie nelson : you wouldn't cross the street to say goodbye73 
3110willie nelson : you are my flower73 
3111willie nelson : valentine73 
3112willie nelson : three days73 
3113willie nelson : let my mind wander73 
3114willie nelson : i gotta get drunk w merle haggard, george jones73 
3115willie nelson : denver73 
3116willie nelson : be that as it may w paula nelson73 
3117whitney houston : you give good love73 
3118ween : japanese cowboy73 
3119vaya con dios : what's a woman?73 
3120vaya con dios : i don't want to know73 
3121vanessa paradis : walk on the wild side73 
3122van morrison : dancing in the moonlight73 
3123umberto tozzi / lena ka : rien que des mots (ti amo)73 
3124trisha yearwood : trying to love you73 
3125trisha yearwood : georgia rain73 
3126tracy byrd : ten rounds with jose cuervo73 
3127trace adkins : then they do73 
3128tori amos : ribbons undone73 
3129tori amos : crucify73 
3130tommy emmanuel : and so it goes73 
3131tom waits : warm beer and cold women73 
3132tom waits : trampled rose73 
3133tom waits : little man73 
3134tom waits : hang on st. christopher73 
3135tom waits : hang down your head73 
3136tom waits : eggs and sausage (in a cadillac with susan michelson)73 
3137tom waits : earth died screaming73 
3138tom waits : don't go into that barn73 
3139tom waits : calliope73 
3140tom waits : anywhere i lay my head73 
3141toby keith : how do you like me now?!73 
3142tish hinojosa : prairie moon73 
3143tish hinojosa : building #973 
3144tim mcgraw : my next thirty years73 
3145tilly and the wall : reckless73 
3146tilly and the wall : bessa73 
3147tift merritt : laid a highway73 
3148tift merritt : broken73 
3149tiffany : should've been me73 
3150tiffany : promises made73 
3151tiffany : i saw him standing there73 
3152thin lizzy : the boys are back in town73 
3153thin lizzy : jailbreak73 
3154they might be giants : minimum wage73 
3155thea gilmore : st. luke's summer73 
3156thea gilmore : seen it all before73 
3157thea gilmore : pirate moon73 
3158thea gilmore : keep up73 
3159thea gilmore : into the blue73 
3160thea gilmore : heads will roll73 
3161thea gilmore : everybody's numb73 
3162thea gilmore : cheap tricks73 
3163thea gilmore : avalanche73 
3164thea gilmore : apparition #1373 
3165the zutons : valerie73 
3166the who : who are you73 
3167the whites : keep on the sunny side73 
3168the white stripes : you don't know what love is (you just do as you're told)73 
3169the white stripes : st. andrew (this battle is in the air)73 
3170the white stripes : little ghost73 
3171the white stripes : little cream soda73 
3172the white stripes : i'm slowly turning into you73 
3173the weepies : nobody knows me at all73 
3174the weavers : when the saints go marching in73 
3175the weavers : if i had a hammer73 
3176the wallflowers : 6th avenue heartache73 
3177the wailin' jennys : something to hold onto73 
3178the soggy bottom boys : in the jailhouse now73 
3179the soggy bottom boys : i am a man of constant sorrow73 
3180the rolling stones : start me up73 
3181the rolling stones : it's all over now73 
3182the rolling stones : hang fire73 
3183the rolling stones : driving too fast73 
3184the rolling stones : ain't too proud to beg73 
3185the roches : the death of suzzy roche73 
3186the roches : portrait of izzy73 
3187the roches : moonswept73 
3188the raconteurs : carolina drama73 
3189the puppini sisters : mr sandman73 
3190the puppini sisters : java jive73 
3191the puppini sisters : in the mood73 
3192the puppini sisters : boogie woogie bugle boy (of company b)73 
3193the puppini sisters : bei mir bist du schön73 
3194the proclaimers : i'm gonna be (500 miles)73 
3195the police : every breath you take73 
3196the parachute club : at the feet of the moon73 
3197the nitty gritty dirt band : diamonds in the rough w june carter cash, earl scruggs73 
3198the nitty gritty dirt band : amazing grace73 
3199the mcguire sisters : mississippi mud73 
3200the mcguire sisters : melody of love73 
3201the mcguire sisters : it may sound silly73 
3202the mcguire sisters : delilah jones73 
3203the mamas and the papas : dedicated to the one i love73 
3204the kills : magazine73 
3205the kills : m.e.x.i.c.o.c.u.73 
3206the kills : dna73 
3207the guess who : no time73 
3208the ginn sisters : ramblin' ones73 
3209the ginn sisters : into you73 
3210the ginn sisters : here's hopin'73 
3211the ginn sisters : down the drain73 
3212the ginn sisters : dancing shoes73 
3213the ginn sisters : 2 cool 2 cry73 
3214the duhks : turtle dove73 
3215the duhks : down to the river / jeb's tune (live) [bonus track]73 
3216the duhks : down to the river / jeb's tune73 
3217the duhks : domino party!73 
3218the duhks : death came a knockin'73 
3219the doors : love her madly73 
3220the doobie brothers : listen to the music73 
3221the doobie brothers : black water73 
3222the ditty bops : when's she coming home73 
3223the ditty bops : wake up73 
3224the ditty bops : summer rains73 
3225the ditty bops : short stacks73 
3226the ditty bops : it's a shame73 
3227the ditty bops : gentle sheep73 
3228the dead weather : so far from your weapon73 
3229the cranberries : not sorry73 
3230the cranberries : linger73 
3231the commitments : mustang sally73 
3232the black crowes : hard to handle73 
3233the beatles : sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band73 
3234the beatles : please please me73 
3235the beatles : octopus's garden73 
3236the beatles : lucy in the sky with diamonds73 
3237the beatles : let it be73 
3238the beatles : i want to hold your hand73 
3239the beatles : here comes the sun73 
3240the beatles : drive my car73 
3241the beatles : all you need is love73 
3242the be good tanyas : oh susanna73 
3243the bangles : walking down your street73 
3244the band : the w.s. walcott medicine show73 
3245the andrews sisters : hold tight73 
3246the andrews sisters : boogie woogie bugle boy73 
3247the andrews sisters : beer barrel polka73 
3248the allman brothers band : ramblin' man73 
3249terri clark : love of my life w sammy kershaw73 
3250tegan and sara : we didn't do it73 
3251tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: waltz of the flowers73 
3252tchaikovsky : nutcracker - act ii: mother ginger and her polichinelles73 
3253tchaikovsky : act iv/27.danses des petites cygnes - moderato73 
3254tchaikovsky : act iii/24.scene - allegro73 
3255tchaikovsky : act iii/23.mazurka73 
3256tchaikovsky : act ii/11.scene - allegro moderato73 
3257tchaikovsky : act i/pas de deux : d)coda - allegro molto vivace73 
3258tchaikovsky : act i/pas de deux : c)tempo di valse73 
3259taylor swift : tied together with a smile73 
3260tammy wynette : d-i-v-o-r-c-e73 
3261suzanne vega : lolita73 
3262susan werner : vincent / movie of my life73 
3263susan werner : signing your name73 
3264susan werner : epilogue: may i suggest73 
3265susan werner : big car73 
3266susan werner : barbed wire boys73 
3267susan tedeschi : you got the silver73 
3268sue medley : 57 chevy73 
3269stockard channing : there are worse things i could do73 
3270steve earle : time has come today w sheryl crow73 
3271sterling holloway : trust in me (the python's song)73 
3272stephen cleobury/king's college choir : o praise ye the lord73 
3273stephen cleobury/king's college choir : christ is made the sure foundation73 
3274steely dan : reelin' in the years73 
3275stan rogers : giant73 
3276stan getz : the way you look tonight w chet baker73 
3277sound of music cast : climb ev'ry mountain (reprise)73 
3278sophie milman : so long, you fool73 
3279sonya kitchell : too beautiful73 
3280sonya kitchell : simple melody73 
3281sons of the san joaquin : livin' the life of the trail73 
3282solomon burke : how big a fool (can a fool be)73 
3283solomon burke : diamond in your mind73 
3284sissy spacek as loretta lynn : i'm a honky tonk girl73 
3285sissel : ave maria73 
3286simon and garfunkel : bye bye love73 
3287simon and garfunkel : america73 
3288si kahn : backroom lady73 
3289sheryl crow : the first cut is the deepest (country version)73 
3290sheryl crow : sweet rosalyn73 
3291sheryl crow : maybe angels73 
3292sheryl crow : i know why73 
3293sheryl crow : everyday is a winding road73 
3294shelby lynne : you and we73 
3295shelby lynne : tarpoleon napoleon73 
3296shelby lynne : pretend73 
3297shelby lynne : mother73 
3298shelby lynne : all of a sudden you disappeared73 
3299shelby lynne : alibi73 
3300shawn colvin : venetian blue73 
3301shawn colvin : so good to see you73 
3302shaver : i want some more / tenntex tear down73 
3303shania twain : that don't impress me much73 
3304shania twain : i'm not in the mood (to say no)!73 
3305shania twain : i'm gonna getcha good!73 
3306shania twain : don't be stupid (you know i love you)73 
3307shania twain : (if you're not in it for love) i'm outta here!73 
3308sergei rachmaninoff : vocalise, op.34, no.1473 
3309serena ryder : weak in the knees73 
3310serena ryder : unlikely emergency73 
3311serena ryder : melancholy blue73 
3312scott joplin : the rag-time dance73 
3313sarah vaughan : send in the clowns73 
3314sarah vaughan : i feel pretty73 
3315sarah slean : somebody's arms73 
3316sarah slean : out in the park73 
3317sarah shannon : along the way73 
3318sarah mclachlan : witness73 
3319sarah mclachlan : time73 
3320sarah mclachlan : in a bleak mid winter73 
3321sarah mclachlan : i love you73 
3322sarah mclachlan : fumbling towards ecstasy73 
3323sarah harmer : silver road73 
3324sarah harmer : i'm a mountain73 
3325sarah harmer : escarpment blues73 
3326sara evans : unopened73 
3327sara evans : the great unknown73 
3328sara evans : no place that far73 
3329sara evans : missing missouri73 
3330sara evans : i've got a tiger by the tail73 
3331santana : sideways w citizen cope73 
3332santana : oye como va73 
3333sandi thom : i wish i was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)73 
3334sammy davis, jr. : something's gotta give73 
3335sam cooke : bring it on home to me73 
3336salt n pepa : shoop73 
3337sade : the moon and the sky73 
3338sade : lovers rock73 
3339roy orbison : pretty paper73 
3340rosie flores : someday73 
3341rosie flores : palamino days73 
3342rosemary clooney : hey there73 
3343rod stewart : gladrags73 
3344robin mckelle : dream73 
3345rickie lee jones : my one and only love73 
3346rhonda vincent : where no cabins fall73 
3347rhonda vincent : walking my lord up calvary's hill73 
3348rhonda vincent : the martha white theme73 
3349rhonda vincent : prettiest flower there73 
3350rhonda vincent : missouri moon73 
3351rhonda vincent : little angels73 
3352regina spektor : the flowers73 
3353regina spektor : that time73 
3354regina spektor : on the radio73 
3355regina spektor : love affair73 
3356regina spektor : hotel song73 
3357regina spektor : field below73 
3358regina spektor : carbon monoxide73 
3359regina spektor : another town73 
3360red steagall : my nebraska homestead73 
3361red hot chili peppers : californication73 
3362rebekah florence : was it something i said73 
3363ray charles : mess around73 
3364ray charles : crazy love w van morrison73 
3365ray charles : baby, it's cold outside w nina simone73 
3366ray charles : (night time is) the right time73 
3367randy travis : three wooden crosses73 
3368randy travis : honky tonk moon73 
3369randy crawford : street life73 
3370r. l. burnside : peaches73 
3371r. l. burnside : goin' down south73 
3372r. l. burnside : don't stop honey (featuring mr. cedric burnside)73 
3373quincy coleman : take a chance73 
3374quincy coleman : never happy73 
3375queen : you're my best friend73 
3376psapp : new rubbers73 
3377pretenders : you know who your friends are73 
3378pretenders : forever young73 
3379pretenders : don't get me wrong73 
3380presuntos implicados : gente73 
3381poncho sanchez : el shing-a-ling73 
3382po' girl : what sad old song?73 
3383po' girl : prairie girl gone73 
3384po' girl : mercy73 
3385po' girl : driving73 
3386po' girl : corner talk73 
3387po' girl : backstairs down73 
3388plumb : blush (only you)73 
3389pink floyd : welcome to the machine73 
3390pink floyd : brain damage73 
3391pink : who knew73 
3392pink : u + ur hand73 
3393pink : there you go73 
3394pink : nobody knows73 
3395pink : i'm not dead73 
3396phantom planet : our house73 
3397peter, paul and mary : if i had a hammer73 
3398peter gabriel : don't give up73 
3399persephone's bees : paper plane73 
3400persephone's bees : muzika dlya fil'ma73 
3401peggy lee : the boy from ipanema73 
3402peggy lee : love, you didn't do right by me73 
3403peggy lee : it's a wonderful world73 
3404peggy lee : i'm a woman73 
3405peggy lee : alright, okay, you win73 
3406peder : the sour73 
3407pauline ester : une fen73 
3408paulina rubio : todo mi amor73 
3409paulina rubio : baila casanova (spanish)73 
3410patty loveless : timber i'm falling in love73 
3411patty loveless : i try to think about elvis73 
3412patty griffin : useless desires73 
3413patty griffin : kite song73 
3414patti page : (how much is) that doggie in the window73 
3415pat benatar : i need a lover73 
3416paris combo : mais que fait la nasa?73 
3417paris combo : dans les bras d'un loup73 
3418pam tillis : e73 
3419pam tillis : do you know where your man is73 
3420pam tillis : cleopatra, queen of denial73 
3421pablo sarasate : introduction and tarantelle, op.4373 
3422p!nk duet with steven tyler : misery73 
3423p!nk : family portrait73 
3424ollabelle : no more my lord73 
3425ollabelle : blue northern lights73 
3426oliver! cast : who will buy?73 
3427oliver! cast : be back soon73 
3428oliver nelson : stolen moments73 
3429ojos de brujo : no somos máquinas73 
3430norah jones : the sun doesn't like you73 
3431norah jones : not my friend73 
3432norah jones : broken73 
3433nora o'connor : nightingale73 
3434nina nastasia : that's all there is73 
3435nina nastasia : lee73 
3436nikolai rimsky-korsakov : russian easter festival overture, op. 3673 
3437neneh cherry : trouble man73 
3438neneh cherry : phoney ladies73 
3439neneh cherry : love ghetto73 
3440neko case : the tigers have spoken73 
3441neko case : the needle has landed73 
3442neko case : favorite73 
3443neil young : hank to hendrix73 
3444nazareth : hair of the dog73 
3445natasha bedingfield : unwritten73 
3446natalie cole : undecided73 
3447natalie cole : almost like being in love73 
3448natacha atlas : kidda73 
3449nat king cole : unforgettable73 
3450nat king cole : silent night73 
3451nat king cole : darling, je vous aime beaucoup73 
3452nat king cole : away in a manger73 
3453nancy wilson and the george shearing quintet : the things we did last summer73 
3454nancy wilson and the george shearing quintet : born to be blue73 
3455nancy wilson and the george shearing quintet : all night long73 
3456nancy wilson : please send me someone to love73 
3457nancy sinatra : don't let him waste your time73 
3458nanci griffith : wall of death73 
3459nanci griffith : last train home73 
3460nanci griffith : gulf coast highway73 
3461naked blue : all the time in the world73 
3462muddy waters : mannish boy73 
3463missy higgins : the cactus that found the beat 73 
3464miranda lambert : love letters73 
3465miranda lambert : famous in a small town73 
3466miles davis : you don't know what love is73 
3467miles davis : summer night73 
3468miles davis : stella by star light73 
3469miles davis : old folks73 
3470miles davis : my ship73 
3471miles davis : i thought about you73 
3472miles davis : i loves you, porgy73 
3473miles davis : i fall in love too easily73 
3474michelle shocked : bare necessities73 
3475michelle branch : everywhere73 
3476merle haggard : leaving's getting' harder73 
3477merle haggard : bareback73 
3478melissa ferrick : stuck73 
3479melissa ferrick : everything you get73 
3480melissa ferrick : closer73 
3481maura o'connell : it don't bring you73 
3482mary chapin carpenter : it don't bring you73 
3483marvin gaye : i heard it through the grapevine73 
3484marvin gaye : how sweet it is (to be loved by you)73 
3485martika : martika's kitchen73 
3486mark chesnutt : beer bait and ammo73 
3487maria mckee : i'm gonna soothe you73 
3488maria mckee : breathe73 
3489mandy barnett : what's good for you73 
3490mandy barnett : trademark73 
3491mala rodríguez : una raya en el agua73 
3492mala rodríguez : lo fácil cae ligero73 
3493mala rodríguez : alevosía73 
3494mala rodriguez : por la noche73 
3495madonna : material girl73 
3496madonna : holiday73 
3497madonna : express yourself73 
3498madeleine peyroux : rag for madi73 
3499madeleine peyroux : playin'73 
3500lyle lovett : west texas highway73 
3501lyle lovett : the road to ensenada73 
3502lyle lovett : farmer brown/chicken reel73 
3503lyle lovett : cute as a bug73 
3504lyle lovett : closing time (live)73 
3505luiz bonfa : manha de carnaval (morning of the carnival)73 
3506ludwig van beethoven : symphony no. 3 in e flat, op. 55, eroica: ii marcia funebre. adagio assai73 
3507ludwig van beethoven : symphony no. 1 in c, op. 21: iv. adagio - allegro molto e vivace73 
3508ludwig van beethoven : rondino über ein thema von beethoven73 
3509ludwig van beethoven : moonlight sonata - adagio sostenuto73 
3510lucinda williams : words (alternate version) [bonus track]73 
3511lucinda williams : west73 
3512lucinda williams : righteously73 
3513lucinda williams : prove my love73 
3514lucinda williams : little angel, little brother73 
3515lucinda williams : like a rose73 
3516lucinda williams : great speckled bird73 
3517lucinda williams : down to the well w kevin gordon73 
3518lucinda williams : come on73 
3519lucinda williams : abandonded73 
3520louise taylor : while my love is away73 
3521louis prima : pennies from heaven73 
3522lou rawls : merry christmas, baby73 
3523lou bega : the most expensive girl in the world73 
3524lou bega : 1+1=273 
3525los lonely boys : heaven73 
3526lori mckenna : ruby's shoes73 
3527lori mckenna : one kiss goodnight73 
3528lori mckenna : monday afternoon73 
3529loretta lynn : van lear rose73 
3530loretta lynn : trouble on the line73 
3531loretta lynn : the old rugged cross73 
3532loretta lynn : somebody somewhere73 
3533loretta lynn : miss being mrs.73 
3534loretta lynn : me and bobby mcgee73 
3535loretta lynn : i fall to pieces73 
3536loretta lynn : happy birthday73 
3537loretta lynn : don't come home a-drinkin' (with lovin' on your mind)73 
3538liz phair : somebody's miracle73 
3539liz phair : lost tonight73 
3540liz phair : good love never dies73 
3541liz phair : extraordinary73 
3542little richard : tutti frutti73 
3543little richard : long tall sally73 
3544little miss higgins : you turn me on, i'm a radio73 
3545little miss higgins : she wouldn't give me none73 
3546little miss higgins : romance in the dark73 
3547little miss higgins : pete's back shack blues73 
3548lisa loeb : i do73 
3549lily allen : smile73 
3550lila downs : penas en el alma73 
3551lila downs : la tequilera73 
3552lester flatt and earl scruggs : foggy mountain breakdown73 
3553les paul : sweet leilani73 
3554les paul : spellbound w helen forrest73 
3555les paul : pretending w bing crosby73 
3556les paul : guitar boogie73 
3557les paul : dark eyes73 
3558les paul : caravan73 
3559les paul : baby, what you do to me w helen forrest73 
3560les paul : aloha oe73 
3561leo kottke : dead end73 
3562leo kottke : busted bicycle73 
3563lene lovich : egghead73 
3564lene lovich : bird song73 
3565lefty frizzell : long black veil73 
3566leann rimes : cattle call w eddy arnold73 
3567leadbelly : christmas at midnight73 
3568laurie lewis : how can i keep from singing73 
3569laura cantrell : when the roses bloom again73 
3570laura cantrell : wasted73 
3571laura cantrell : the whiskey makes you sweeter73 
3572laura cantrell : oh so many years73 
3573laura cantrell : early years73 
3574laura cantrell : conquerer's song73 
3575lang lang : piano sonata no. 23 in f minor, op. 57 "appassionata": iii. allegro ma non troppo73 
3576lacrimosa : lichtgestalt73 
3577kris kristofferson : sunday morning coming down w steve earle73 
3578kris delmhorst : sea fever73 
3579kris delmhorst : invisible choir73 
3580kiss : got to choose73 
3581kinky : mas73 
3582keren ann : que n'ai-je?73 
3583kenny rogers : just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)73 
3584kenny chesney : she's got it all73 
3585kelly willis : whatever way the wind blows73 
3586kelly willis : sincerely (too late to turn back now)73 
3587kelly willis : i'll try again73 
3588kelly sweet : have yourself a merry little christmas73 
3589kelly hogan : strayed73 
3590keely smith : it's been a long, long time73 
3591keb' mo' : people got to be free73 
3592keb' mo' : for what it's worth73 
3593kay starr : little white lies73 
3594kathy mattea : life as we knew it73 
3595kate bush : this woman's work73 
3596kasey chambers : the hard way73 
3597kasey chambers : the captain73 
3598kasey chambers : sign on the door73 
3599kasey chambers : railroad73 
3600kasey chambers : paper aeroplane73 
3601kasey chambers : lost and found73 
3602k.d. lang : the air that i breathe73 
3603k.d. lang : honky tonk angels medley73 
3604k.d. lang : black coffee73 
3605junior brown : venom wearin' denom73 
3606junior brown : too many nights in a roadhouse73 
3607junior brown : my wife things your dead73 
3608june carter cash : sinking in the lonesome sea73 
3609julieta venegas : lento73 
3610julieta venegas : a tu lado73 
3611julie roberts : first to never know73 
3612julie roberts : a bridge that's burning73 
3613julie london : too good to be true73 
3614julie london : they can't take that away from me73 
3615julie london : spring is here73 
3616julie london : in the middle of a kiss73 
3617julie london : go slow73 
3618julie london : dark73 
3619julie london : basin street blues73 
3620judy garland : the trolley song 73 
3621judy garland : i can't give you anything but love73 
3622judy garland : get happy (from "summer stock")73 
3623judy garland : f.d.r. jones (from "babes on broadway")73 
3624judy collins : send in the clowns73 
3625juana molina : micael73 
3626juana molina : la verdad73 
3627joy lynn white : one more time73 
3628joy lynn white : certain boy73 
3629joss stone : some kind of wonderful73 
3630joss stone : security73 
3631josh gracin : nothin' to lose73 
3632joni mitchell : chelsea morning73 
3633joni mitchell : carey73 
3634joni mitchell : california73 
3635joni harms : i've got a feeling for you73 
3636joni harms : a little bit of love73 
3637jolie holland : sascha73 
3638jolie holland : old fashion morphine73 
3639jolie holland : moonshiner73 
3640jolie holland : do you?73 
3641jolie holland : black hand blues73 
3642johnny cash : when it's springtime in alaska (it's forty below)73 
3643johnny cash : wayfaring stranger73 
3644johnny cash : wanted man73 
3645johnny cash : the man who couldn't cry73 
3646johnny cash : the ballad of ira hayes73 
3647johnny cash : san quentin #273 
3648johnny cash : rock island line73 
3649johnny cash : one piece at a time73 
3650johnny cash : my children walk in truth73 
3651johnny cash : jim, i wore a tie today73 
3652johnny cash : get rhythm73 
3653johnny cash : flesh and blood73 
3654johnny cash : far away places73 
3655johnny cash : cry, cry, cry73 
3656john travolta and olivia newton-john : summer nights73 
3657john prine : souvenirs73 
3658john prine : i know one w emmylou harris73 
3659john prine : i hate it when that happens to me73 
3660john prine : dear john (i sent your saddle home)73 
3661john mellencamp : small town (acoustic)73 
3662john lennon : imagine73 
3663johannes brahms : ein deutsches requiem - largo73 
3664johannes brahms : ein deutsches requiem - allegro spritoso73 
3665johann sebastian bach : wir setzen uns mit tranen nieder73 
3666johann sebastian bach : violin concerto in e bwv1042 (1989 digital remaster): i. allegro73 
3667johann sebastian bach : terzetto "ach, wann wird die zeit erscheinen?"73 
3668johann sebastian bach : suite no 4 bwv 815 e flat 1: allemande73 
3669johann sebastian bach : suite no 3 bwv 814 b minor 2: courante73 
3670johann sebastian bach : suite no 3 bwv 814 b minor 1: allemande73 
3671johann sebastian bach : suite no 2 bwv 813 c minor 4: air73 
3672johann sebastian bach : suite no 2 bwv 813 c minor 1: allemande73 
3673johann sebastian bach : suite no 1 bwv 812 d minor 4: menuet i73 
3674johann sebastian bach : french suite no. 5 in g - vii73 
3675johann sebastian bach : english suite no. 3 in g minor - vi73 
3676johann sebastian bach : chorus; "jauchzet, frohlocket"73 
3677johann sebastian bach : brandenburg concerto no. 2 in f major, ii andante73 
3678johann sebastian bach : brandenburg concerto no. 2 in f major, i allegro73 
3679johann sebastian bach : bach violin concerto in g minor73 
3680johann sebastian bach - netherlands radio chorus/concertgebouw orchestra, amsterdam/eugen jochum : st. matthew passion, bwv 244: wir setzen ons mit tränen nieder73 
3681joe walsh : rocky mountain way73 
3682joe maphis : dueling banjos w zen crook73 
3683joan morris and william bolcom : after the ball73 
3684joan jett and the blackhearts : little liar73 
3685joan jett and the blackhearts : just lust73 
3686joan jett and the blackhearts : i hate myself for loving you73 
3687joan jett and the blackhearts : black leather73 
3688joan baez : brothers in arms73 
3689jo dee messina : bye bye73 
3690jimmy smith : jingle bells73 
3691jimmy murphy : we live a long, long time73 
3692jimmie vaughan : dengue woman blues73 
3693jimmie rodgers : in the jailhouse now73 
3694jimmie dale gilmore : i'm gonna love you73 
3695jimmie dale gilmore : another colorado73 
3696jil caplan : tout c'qui nous sépare73 
3697jesca hoop : big fish73 
3698jenny lewis with the watson twins : it wasn't me73 
3699jenny lewis : jack killed mom73 
3700jennifer o'connor : century estates73 
3701jennifer cutting : neptune reel/woman of the house73 
3702jenifer : au soleil73 
3703janet seidel : them there eyes73 
3704janet seidel : in the wee small hours73 
3705jane monheit : só tinha de ser com vocé73 
3706jane monheit : rio de maio73 
3707jane monheit : overjoyed73 
3708jane monheit : never never land73 
3709jane monheit : love me or leave me73 
3710jane monheit : if you went away73 
3711jane monheit : honeysuckle rose73 
3712jane monheit : caminhos cruzados73 
3713jane monheit : a time for love73 
3714jamie o'neal : all by myself73 
3715itzhak perlman : liebesfreud73 
3716isaac stern : greensleeves73 
3717indigo girls : watershed73 
3718indigo girls : three hits73 
3719indigo girls : southland in the springtime73 
3720indigo girls : reunion73 
3721indigo girls : pushing the needle too far73 
3722indigo girls : love's recovery73 
3723indigo girls : little perennials73 
3724indigo girls : joking73 
3725indigo girls : fill it up again73 
3726indigo girls : come on home73 
3727indigo girls : cedar tree73 
3728indigo girls : all the way73 
3729imani coppola : legend of a cowgirl73 
3730holly dunn : maybe i mean yes73 
3731holly cole : train song73 
3732holly cole : i don't wanna grow up73 
3733hole : boys on the radio73 
3734hole : awful73 
3735hinder : get stoned73 
3736hem : the meeting place73 
3737hem : rainy night in georgia73 
3738hem : not california73 
3739helen forrest : takin' a chance on love73 
3740heather nova : talk to me73 
3741heather myles : true love won´t let you down73 
3742heather myles : true love73 
3743heather myles : cadillac cowboy73 
3744heather myles : and it hurts73 
3745heartless bastards : the will song73 
3746heartless bastards : searching for the ghost73 
3747heartless bastards : new resolution73 
3748heartless bastards : all this time73 
3749heart : heartless73 
3750harry belafonte : hava nageela73 
3751ha-ash : already home (spanish version)73 
3752gwen stefani : what you waiting for?73 
3753gwen stefani : luxurious73 
3754gwen stefani : hollaback girl73 
3755guy lombardo : auld lang syne73 
3756gretchen wilson : pain killer73 
3757gretchen wilson : one of the boys73 
3758gretchen wilson : homewrecker73 
3759gretchen wilson : all jacked up73 
3760greg brown : railroad bill73 
3761greg brown : old smokey73 
3762green day : i fought the law73 
3763gotan project : mi confesion73 
3764gordon lightfoot : steel rail blues73 
3765gordon lightfoot : alberta bound73 
3766gloria estefan : y-tu-conga73 
3767gloria estefan : say73 
3768gloria estefan : oye mi canto (hear my voice) (spanish version)73 
3769girlyman : even if73 
3770gillian welch : winter's come and gone73 
3771gillian welch : only one and only73 
3772gillian welch : acony bell73 
3773giacomo puccini : senza mamma73 
3774georges bizet : toreador song (from carmen)73 
3775georges bizet : carmen act iv - c'est toi! - c'est moi!73 
3776georges bizet : carmen act ii - vivat, vivat le torero!...votre toast (toreador song)73 
3777georges bizet : carmen act i - prelude73 
3778george strait : you know me better than that73 
3779george strait : texas cookin'73 
3780george strait : i ain't her cowboy anymore73 
3781george strait : high tone woman73 
3782george strait : come on joe73 
3783george michael : faith73 
3784george jones : golden ring w tammy wynette73 
3785george jones : choices73 
3786george frederick handel : hallelujah!73 
3787george frederick handel : glory to god73 
3788george frederick handel : and the glory of the lord73 
3789george frederick handel : amen73 
3790george frederick handel : all we like sheep73 
3791george frederick handel - neville marriner; academy of st. martin-in-the-fields : judas maccabaeus: see the conqu'ring hero comes73 
3792garth brooks : two piña coladas73 
3793garth brooks : the dance73 
3794fritz kreisler : tango op.165 nr. 273 
3795fritz kreisler : sérénade espagnole73 
3796fritz kreisler : kreisler / liebesleid73 
3797franz joseph haydn : symphony in g, h.i no.94 - "surprise" - 4. finale (allegro di molto)73 
3798franz joseph haydn : symphony in g, h.i no.94 - "surprise" - 3. menuet (allegro molto)73 
3799franz joseph haydn : symphony in g, h.i no.94 - "surprise" - 2. andante73 
3800franz joseph haydn - neville marriner; academy of st. martin-in-the-fields : the creation: singt dem herren alle stimmen73 
3801frankie valli : grease73 
3802frankie avalon : beauty school dropout73 
3803frank sinatra : witchcraft73 
3804frank sinatra : when your lover has gone73 
3805frank sinatra : what is this thing called love73 
3806frank sinatra : three coins in the fountain73 
3807frank sinatra : theme from new york, new york73 
3808frank sinatra : the lonesome road73 
3809frank sinatra : the girl next door73 
3810frank sinatra : the birth of the blues73 
3811frank sinatra : sweet lorraine73 
3812frank sinatra : song is you73 
3813frank sinatra : someone to watch over me73 
3814frank sinatra : nice work if you can get it73 
3815frank sinatra : nice 'n easy73 
3816frank sinatra : lonesome road73 
3817frank sinatra : like someone in love73 
3818frank sinatra : last night when we were young73 
3819frank sinatra : it never entered my mind73 
3820frank sinatra : ill wind73 
3821frank sinatra : i'll never be the same73 
3822frank sinatra : i'll be seeing you73 
3823frank sinatra : i won't dance73 
3824frank sinatra : i thought about you73 
3825frank sinatra : i see your face before me73 
3826frank sinatra : i love paris73 
3827frank sinatra : i got plenty o' nuttin'73 
3828frank sinatra : high hopes73 
3829frank sinatra : here goes73 
3830frank sinatra : from this moment on73 
3831frank sinatra : fly me to the moon73 
3832frank sinatra : everybody loves somebody73 
3833frank sinatra : dancing on the ceiling73 
3834frank sinatra : autumn in new york73 
3835frank sinatra : at long last love73 
3836frank sinatra : almost like being in love73 
3837fountains of wayne : bright future in sales73 
3838fountains of wayne : all kinds of time73 
3839forro in the dark : silence is golden73 
3840fleetwood mac : you make loving fun73 
3841fleetwood mac : hold me73 
3842fleetwood mac : gold dust woman73 
3843fiona apple : to your love73 
3844fiona apple : the way things are73 
3845fiona apple : on the bound73 
3846fiona apple : oh well73 
3847fiona apple : not about love73 
3848fiona apple : fast as you can73 
3849felix mendelssohn - fritz kreisler : violin concerto in e minor, op. 64: allegro molto appassiona73 
3850feist : the water (red demos) [bonus track]73 
3851feist : past in present73 
3852feist : let it die73 
3853feist : intuition73 
3854feist : honey honey73 
3855feist : brandy alexander73 
3856faith hill : i love you73 
3857everlast : white trash beautiful73 
3858evanescence : your star73 
3859evanescence : farther away73 
3860evanescence : cloud nine73 
3861evanescence : all that i'm living for73 
3862etta james : old folks7